Amnesia: The Dark Descent, a first person survival horror. A game about immersion, discovery and living through a nightmare. An experience that will chill you to the core.

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Extremely detailed story and scary stuff going on. However, the few last levels didn't have what the few first did, it's like the developers got tired of it and just finished it quickly. Therefore; 9/10


nowac2645 says

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Okay, I'm going to change my review.
My rating used to be 10, now it's 9 and here's why:

Good things:
-A great horror experience
-Very scary
-Super well designed
-All right and creative puzzles
-Great atmosphere
-Good story line
-intense chase scenes
-Great music
-Well made sounds

Bad things:
-Some puzzles are extremely hard
-Things are confusing and cause me to get stuck
-A few bugs
-Texture glitches

So first of all, I was in the laboratory and I tried to place the chemical container down and it didn't work, the puzzles are really hard and some are confusing like in the nave laboratory, I tried using the container with the string and instead of saying: It needs blood first, it just said: Can't do this right now. Also, I was trying to make a tonic for Agrippa. I didn't know that you had to go to the room where the orb pedestal was and then get put into prison and then the path to the laboratory is clear. That's what I meant by confusing. Because of this, it make the game rather rage inducing and reduces the scariness in the game because of the anger. I played amnesia for more than an hour and made just a bit of progress for the Nave part. But the game is actually really good, I have to say. The level design is really good. I think my favourite room is the gigantic room where the orb pedestal is. Many things about it are just great.

9/10 Amazing

This is one of my favourite horror games! I was never the kind of person who loved horror, actually I get startled pretty easily, but Amnesia taught me to love the genre. Back then the idea of not being able to fight off the monsters was something completely new (at least for me, who was used to games such as Silent Hill and Resident Evil) and I was really curious about how it was going to be. I called friends over and we played Amnesia a whole night and it was one of my best gaming experiences! Puzzles were not impossible to solve, though sometimes they were quite challenging, jumpscares were on point and the general design of the game is very pleasing to the eyes.

The game has a good spooky feel to it and will scare you when you least least expect it and the modded/custom fan made maps can make this game very fun for a long time. ♥

Not a perfect game, but, even after 5 years, it is still the undisputed king of atmospheric horror and immersion. Great game to mod as well. If you have never played Amnesia, pick it up if you like: horror, fantastic story-telling, immersion, great interactive experience or love to throw **** around the room like a toddler with the upper-body strength of a bodybuilder.

Good graphics, Great story line, it was a little hard for my computer to support it be other that that it completely deserves the high rating. I recommend any gamer to buy this game. 9/10

One of the scariest games of all time.

Pewds was here so, so i'm was here.

had a bad ending but ill play again soon
awesome game

This is still the best horror game ever made. I wished MfP had the same horror factor :(

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