What happened to the world? What happened to you?... You opened your eyes, but you cant remember anything. World around you have changed, and... What is this? A hallucination? A dream? A purgatory? Or, maybe everything is absolutely for real. The protagonist of this game has no name, even he is not sure that exists. Everything around him seems unreal, more like a dream ... Or rather a nightmare. Devastated streets, boarded-up doors and windows tells that here happened something not very good, but what will happen later can't have a logical explanation. Gloomy and dark ambient atmosphere will accompany the player throughout, it's up to you to get to the truth and sort out what happened, and defeat your own fears and sins. It is a kind of an adventure thriller, for some it may seem like a horror game and they will be right. Though this game has 6 types of weapons, call it an action-shooter is difficult, because there will be more puzzles rather than enemies.


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