UPDATE: AmbiYond has been put on hold. I am finding a decent 3D engine to work with, as I do not want AmbiYond to become outdated before its even released, and also because its extremely difficult to attain the visual style I'm aiming for with sprites. When I have decided, and sufficiently tested it, I will state so here. Until then, go play Natural Selection and Source-Forts.

Two decades ago, there was Final Fantasy. That game brought a whole new level of posibilities to what could be done in games. 8 years ago, there was Half-Life, a game which not only maximized the engine it utilized, and even added onto the possibilities, but contained a very unique and completely solid storyline. In the years since '89, Final Fantasy has advanced technologically, but not achieved a truly brilliant storyline.

AmbiYond is an ambitious project by one man, to design from scratch a unique story with multiple endings, and tweak the engine to get the best possible results. AmbiYond will prove that sound and story can go beyond mere ambience in an exciting RPG format.

I cannot release specific details of the plot at this time, due to the fact that I do not yet have any publicity nor copyright, and thusly anyone could 'jack the concept. However, I can and will give details of how I plan to make this mod enjoyable and entertaining:

One of the big things about this mod is that it will have 95% customized graphics. The setting of the game is modern, and thusly nearly all of the sprites included with RPG Maker XP are useless, and most people don't do modern-day RPGs in this program anyway, so I will be doing the sprites all myself. Being that I once had an MS Paint comic strip of decent quality and intellect, and have experimented quite a bit with spriting, and so the quality shall be up-to-par.
At certain points in the story, moving sprites are insufficient to convey emotion properly, which is why the developers of RPG Maker implemented the ability to insert pictures and movies into the gameplay. Using Macromedia Flash 8 (and Photoshop once its reasonably priced) character portraits, background/fog images and animations will be created to add to the depth of AmbiYond.

Sound is important, VERY important. I especially know this since I have a decade of musical study under my belt, and am not tone-deaf. However, making custom graphics AND audio/soundFX is too great a task at this point, and since this is to be a one-man project, I will be using sounds and music from professional mediums such as Perfect Dark, GoldenEye007, Starcraft, Age of Mythology, and more. I DID NOT MAKE ANY OF THE MUSIC CONTAINED IN THIS MOD, AND HAVE NOT YET ASKED PERMISSION FOR ITS USAGE. My excuse is that I am not marketing this product, and am creating much custom content that is my own, and as I am not taking credit for the music/SFX, that my using of it is OK. HOWEVER, should any of those who originally created this Audio request that I not use it, it will be removed immediately from the mod.
To add to my innocence, upon the first demo release I will include here a link to my musical sources, which do happen to be legal.

I hate n00bs. Don't you? Nobody likes a poorly-programmed game, because it sucks. Proper steps must be taken to ensure that a game flows well, and under optimal conditions can be replayed many times and still be enjoyable. I the author have extensively tested the RPG Maker 2003 engine and learned how to use it optimally, and have likewise adapted to the more advanced interface and abilities of RPG Maker XP. As such, full use of the Layers, Tile-customization, Oppenent/Item/Character customization, GFX, and Multiple Endings that mesh flawlessly with the gameplay, including multiple paths to be taken that, even if the player makes a poor decision, that full consequences will be felt (though in most cases gameplay will continue, giving a drastically increased feeling of realism to AmbiYond).
In short, this mod will be state-of-the-art, as far as 1-man 2-Dimensional RPGs are concerned.

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When this thing released?Look's cool...

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Dogmar Creator

Yes, I was planning on using scripts, I did not post any news because I did not want to dig myself into a deep hole which I wouldn't be able to climb out of (I have since decided to switch engines, so its a good thing I haven't tried to be a media *****), yes the tiles do suck (they were stand-ins anyway until I had the time to make replacements), and no, ModDB does not support piracy. I considered getting RPMXP, but the $60 price tag made me warry. The demo sucked, so I tried the hack to see if it was really worth it. I've decided it isn't, so I'm going to dissappear into the wood work to check out which engine could properly support the story/gameplay I have in mind.

Thank-you for giving your honest opinion.

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But I have a reason why it blows; you haven't stated if you're using scripts, I haven't seen any progress on this reported by you, the tile set sucks and you're using the PK RMXP, the worst hack of rmxp ever (Does ModDB support piracy?)

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Dogmar Creator

AmbiYond is a different project than the ones that you'll see here on Mod Database. I have no intention nor illusion of finishing this mod within the next 3 years even. This is a long-term project, not some quick half-assed job. First thing I'm going for is new site design so you have something pretty to look at, and then I'll be discussing on the forums the plot. This is as "open-source" as a RPG-M game can get (besides allowing file contributions from fans, which I am considering eventually implementing), so anyone who considers themselves an expert on human nature, science, or any intellectual field, it would be very appreciated if you would give me some input on my project once I make more information available.

Thank-you for your time.
(btw, I'm not using the 'news' post because I do not yet have enough content to be seen on the front page. I'm neither a n00b nor a newb :P )

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Dogmar Creator

Kindly tell me why, and that shall be mended.

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this is gonna suk ***

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