An epic bug hunt featuring a unique blend of co-op play and squad-level tactics. With your friends, form a squad of four distinct IAF Marine classes. Plan your attack using an unlockable arsenal of weapons with countless loadout configurations against a wide variety of aliens. Blaze your way through an overrun, off-world colony, eradicating the alien infestation in environments ranging from the icy planet's surface, to a subterranean lava-flooded mining facility.

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Good while it Lasted.

Although the gameplay itself is quite fun and definitely emphasizes cooperation and teamwork, the lack of content starts to show very quickly.

First, all the weapons could be unlocked quite quickly and the only challenge was acquiring medals (which do nothing) which require you to re-grind all your weapons again. The first 3 times were ok, but adding more grind cycles is not a way to extend gameplay,

Secondly, the campaign is brutally short and can be completed in less than 2 hours by a typical group of people. This wouldn't be a problem if it had multiple playable campaigns, however a single short campaign gets repetitive very quickly, especially since the crescendos are always in the same place.

Finally, modding this game isn't able to easily extend the life it has. IF this game had a CnC style map transfer system where the map was synced to all clients in the same game, custom maps would be cake to make and easy to play. However having to leave the game to go install more maps only to find that map is so 6 hours ago is not fun.


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