Alien Arena is an open sourced game that combines a sci-fi atmosphere with the tournament style deathmatch of Q3A and UT2k4. Major graphical features such as GLSL per-pixel lighting, ragdoll physics, light blooms, real time lights and shadows, textured particles, shaders, and reflective water, create a colorful and immersive deathmatch atmosphere. The game also includes mutators, adjustable effects, bot skill settings, and fully configurable deathmatch, team deathmatch, CTF, All Out Assault, Team Core Assault, Cattle Prod, and Deathball games. The game features original artwork, with a dark, sinister atmosphere combined with an off-the-wall campiness, and trippy, techno type music. There are currently over 60 maps, loaded with weapons(each having an alternate firing mode) and powerups. Alien Arena has fast, smooth gameplay, & players can play online against one another or against the bots. Please post all support issues in the forums for the game.

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grat graphics great gameplay, great maps, great weapons.
but it s a pity you can only play online / start local servers.
the levels have a great theme, all it misses is a single player campaign.
all the levels already fit a central theme so coming up with a good story shouldn t be a problem...

I liked the game,a FPS style killing a lot of aliens make such a nice game,really,i never had seen a alien FPS game,so i give my rate to the game.

Aliens V.S. Aliens?............Go on....

Alien Arena is a pretty fun online FPS game where aliens have to kill each other in order to win. Weapons are pretty intersting and some of them are pretty usefull most of the time. Music is pretty good to listen to and not that bad. There is character customize but its not really much to customize though (of course since the game is free to play). Though there some things that can inprove like for example when ever you go on a emtpy sever there is uselly WAY to many bots to deal with. Overall the game is fun and not that bad but there some things can inprove a bit though but in the end really fun and entertating. Which is why i gave this game a 8/10

Its a fun and great game!

Q3A, Upgraded and Awesome!

great game

Didn't like the gameplay as much as openarena or xonotic, too fast for too little health! still a good game

amazing graphics and engine, but gameplay is very very fast and a tad to difficult for my tastes.


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