Alien Arena is an open sourced game that combines a sci-fi atmosphere with the tournament style deathmatch of Q3A and UT2k4. Major graphical features such as GLSL per-pixel lighting, ragdoll physics, light blooms, real time lights and shadows, textured particles, shaders, and reflective water, create a colorful and immersive deathmatch atmosphere. The game also includes mutators, adjustable effects, bot skill settings, and fully configurable deathmatch, team deathmatch, CTF, All Out Assault, Team Core Assault, Cattle Prod, and Deathball games. The game features original artwork, with a dark, sinister atmosphere combined with an off-the-wall campiness, and trippy, techno type music. There are currently over 60 maps, loaded with weapons(each having an alternate firing mode) and powerups. Alien Arena has fast, smooth gameplay, & players can play online against one another or against the bots. Please post all support issues in the forums for the game.

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It's been six months since 7.51 was released, but we have not been sitting around! 7.52 is nearly finished and ready for some good fragtastic fun...

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When we released 7.51 in March(which was a minor release itself), we had originally targeted June as the release date for 7.52, but you know the old saying, sometimes things happen, and sometimes it's worth waiting for good things.

As many of you know, much of the content in Alien Arena was replaced back in 2008, with a shift from the pure funky retro style, to a modern take on that, with a more dark and sinister feel. Most maps, nearly all weapons, and all player models were replaced. However there were still a few remnants lying about, and we set out to replace the remaining stragglers. This go-round, all of the powerups have new models. We also decided to revamp another map, this time, Dm-Zorn. In fact, the revamp was so extensive, that it's essentially a brand new level!

Speaking of brand new levels...there are three of those. Dm-goregrinder is an insanely fast-paced, furious map that works well for both duel and FFA matches. It's Psycho-Arcade feel really fits in with the overall theme of the game. Dm-Impact is a mid-sized urban level, with stunning levels of detail, and spectacular lighting effects. Ctf-Violator is a wild, complex map that should really get our largest segment of the fanbase excited. Check out some pics of Goregrinder and Impact!

Sudden Impact lighting Sudden Impact 3
Goregrinder Goregrinder

The lighting effects have been improved in 7.52, as vegetation now casts shadows in realtime. We've also added a new account system, decoupled the renderer from client frame code, cleaned up the input codebase, improved anti-camp and bot code, improved some weapon effects, and of course fixed a number of bugs.

Speaking of the new account system, what this means is that stats are now protected from spoofing, and well, speaking of stats, the stats system has been revamped as well.

7.52 should be released within the month, we are hoping to see it around mid-September, perhaps a little sooner if everything tests and goes right over the next couple of weeks.


Keep up the great work!
Finally switched from mac to windows so i've been playing a bit.

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Could've sworn they had a Mac version. Guess it's just Linux and Windows.

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Irritant_new Author

It can be compiled for Mac, we just don't supply the pre-compiled binaries. However, there are glitches running under MacOS that are being ironed out.

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it hasnt been released and its october

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