Alien Arena is an open sourced game that combines a sci-fi atmosphere with the tournament style deathmatch of Q3A and UT2k4. Major graphical features such as GLSL per-pixel lighting, ragdoll physics, light blooms, real time lights and shadows, textured particles, shaders, and reflective water, create a colorful and immersive deathmatch atmosphere. The game also includes mutators, adjustable effects, bot skill settings, and fully configurable deathmatch, team deathmatch, CTF, All Out Assault, Team Core Assault, Cattle Prod, and Deathball games. The game features original artwork, with a dark, sinister atmosphere combined with an off-the-wall campiness, and trippy, techno type music. There are currently over 60 maps, loaded with weapons(each having an alternate firing mode) and powerups. Alien Arena has fast, smooth gameplay, & players can play online against one another or against the bots. Please post all support issues in the forums for the game.

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Nov 6 2011 Anchor

Post any problems you are having with the game here so the community can try and help you resolve those issues.

Nov 10 2011 Anchor

As mentioned on the posts in the summary page, Alien Arena asumes is present but this is not so for Slackware 13.37 and Slackware64 13.37

I've comiled this game from source (see and it will run fine. However, for the Desura version we need 2 symlinks set up to point to Slcakware's version of libcurl (~/games/desura is my desura game location):
~/games/desura/common/alien-arena-2008/libs/ -> /usr/lib64/
~/games/desura/.settings/games/3867/910/lib// -> /usr/lib64/

We can argure BSD/MIT (libcurl) vs. GPL (libcurl-gnutls) all day, I just want to play a few games on linux. Its a wee little lib, so please provide a properly linked binary or th appropriate symlinks.

Nov 10 2011 Anchor

The problem with "curl" is how it is compiled. It can end up with a huge list of dependencies that we can't be sure are installed so if we add those and those dependencies the list gets longer. I think we are probably going to check for it and tell you that you need to install it like Java, Mono and AIR.

Apr 10 2012 Anchor

Hi need some help, can not load the game, keep getting a grey srceen wich windows closes? possible gl error ? running win 7 64 bit, ATI 6970, ati driver 11.12.

Apr 18 2012 Anchor

A bit late in responding, sorry. Have you found a solution? Hard to tell what it might be. We would need more info -- error messages, etc.


aka strat, aka stratocaster at Alien Arena.

Oct 26 2012 Anchor

I playing it in my windows 7 and theres no sound Help!

Nov 1 2012 Anchor

The game uses OpenAL, which should have been installed along with the game. There is a program, oalinst.exe, in the same directory as alienarena.exe. Running that program will install OpenAL and should correct the problem.


aka strat, aka stratocaster at Alien Arena.

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