Age of Mythology is the third game from the Age of Empires Series, taking place in Mythical Times far before the rise of modern civilization. Players choose from 3 cultures (Norse, Greek, Egyptian), and then shape the development by worshiping gods; different gods reward the player with different mythological beasts and powers. Multiplayer is available through a matchmaking system and there is a story driven single player campaign as well.

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not as cool as age of empires

Since I was a kid, I played this amazing game and the passing of time, I do not let me disappoint. sorry for bad english

Was a great game back in the day, other than the graphics, it still is.


game worked pretty well. No wonder microsoft used the same graphics engine for (with some improvements) to launch the Age of Empires III, a jewel in the gaming community. Without more, a great RTS introducing new things and something never seen before to leave me shocked fans of strategy games.


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