Do you know, just how damn terrible it is livin' sleeping in a bomb-shelter through a solar catastrophe; and hoping to God thatcha DON'T DIE? Well, hey, welcome to my world! Or what I like to call "hell". Not to mention, also the place that those stupid "Doomsday Preppers" can now victor in. God knows if any of those damn hoes are still alive even! But, hey, my arse is still here, so good luck try'na find me! ~A Lone Survivor, Late December 2012

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Badly made, not funny, the multiple choices appear to be a facade for hidden linearity.

got incredibly bored after a few seconds, as it looks like the game is all (choice a, choice b) where one leads to game over and the other leads on. meh.

Crap. Don't release something if it nowhere near completion. Worst 2 minutes of my life. Also, a lot of plot and grammar fail.


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