Imagine a world where the villages of humans were scattered along mountaintops, and the world below was completely blocked off by an impassible wall of clouds. In a world like that, advancements in air travel would precede both land and sea. This is the kind of world that Aero Empire is set in. In this world, the player can rise through the ranks, from a lowly gunner manning a turret aboard an airship to the commander of several airships, ordering the crew of your own airship and the captains of the airships in your squad. Aero Empire is a cross-genre game, incorporating elements of role-playing games, shooters, flight simulators, and squad combat. Production on the game started November 25th, 2008, and is scheduled to release by the end of 2010, and a potential sequel focusing on nation management may come later. The single player version will be free to download and play, with no restrictions.

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Quite amazing. My only complaint would be that the clouds can't be separated from each other, even if they're miles apart, as the sun only lights the edges with the "god rays", though maybe this is something that's planned to be fixed?

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terra0nova Author

Yes, this is a known artifact of screen space lighting for the clouds. I have a planned fix for it, however, I'm holding off on that until later so I can get some work done on other areas of the game. Expect the cloud shading to be better and more accurate when the final game releases.

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Awesome, good to hear :) looking forward to this!

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I don't know if it detracts from the feel you're going for, but I'd like to be able to see through the clouds a tiny bit. Just enough to get a feel for where you are in the world

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A flight around mountains and through clouds, showing new airships, mountain textures, mountain normal maps and level of detail, and light scattering in clouds and mountains.

Audio track by Theory of Nonexistence, composer for the project.

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