A.D.O.N. Project is a 16bit-era-inspired platformer that tries to blend the spirit of several videogame classics of the '90s by also adding new features. You contro Adon -a multipurpose ninjia android- in his quest to fix a multidimensional anomaly. The exploration of the multiverse is complicated and dangerous, and there's always something that can go wrong. And even when there are recovery procedures, in some weird dimensions even them can go wrong... Adon is extremely agile: he can jump, double jump, multi-jump, wall slide, wallrun (360°), dive, grab, dash and unleash the power of his flaming katana and shurikens upon the enemies. You'll be able to unlock several power ups from a tech tree as you level up. Some will unlock common actions like double jumping, other will grant you more speed, more damage, health regeneration, multiple bouncing shurikens and a shoulder cannon with different weapons, to name few.

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This is the full gameplay video of one of the last levels, almost a speedrun.
At this point of the game, the player has already familiarized with all Adon's gimmicks, and can boldly rush through the stage.
Note that this is not the only road to the end of the level and different, slower approaches to the level are possible, especially to familiarize with each and every gameplay element introduced in it.
Other worlds have different mechanics, each one with its peculiarity, setting and feel.

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