Created as a homage to the classic 8-Bit Role-Playing Games (RPGs) of the '80s and '90s, 8-Bit Adventures tells the story of an old game cartridge on the brink of destruction. Unplayed for years, it now sits lost and forgotten, covered in dust and slowly being reclaimed by the elements. Struggling against the inevitable, this cartridge sets in motion a plan - a plan, it hopes, that will subvert its fate and save the world within its circuits from total annihilation... Inside the game, three people - a warrior, a thief, and a mage - wake up to find that all the color has been drained from their world, petrifying all of the townspeople! To restore their home, they must collect the three colored Orbs by exploring dark dungeons and battling dangerous monsters. But this is only the beginning of their journey... "The last time I was blown away by the story in a game was when I played To the Moon. Then I got an email from Josh, of Critical Games..." - Amanda Fitch, Amaranth Games

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I like the bring the color back thing !


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the battle system alone is such a copy and paste ugh(as in incredibly easy to create or was probably straight from an rpg maker). and 8 bit classic with out any kind of creativeness? old final fantasy games and of that era is what truly classic. Sure the graphic's weren't great but they did all they could to give you a visual of combat or someone cheering etc etc hence what made it CLASSIC, key words "did all they could". not a half ***ed attempt at it for nearly 10$...

Just annoying to see ANOTHER game like this and reading the self glorifying statement of "classic 8 bit". As if that alone should sell it.. If the story were that great, put it in a book.. cause this game shat on it.. I wait for the day someone can create a classic style game thats actually worth playing *whine*.. You have to make an actual effort to make your self that kind of legend to be up there with the "classics", weird right? like they had a team sure, but they all worked their *** off. and thats all it took to become what they still are today..Cause indie games like this are cookie cutters and its a bit obnoxious. anyways im done ranting.. even though that was all pretty darn factual and to the point(other then my complaint about the price) moving on now :p

Great retro game with a surprising plot.



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