3DRC is a unique racing game based around 1/28th scale RC Cars. It simulates the experience of this small scale with its fixed position players view, multiple tracks, and a pit to adjust each vehicles settings. Online Multiplayer support is included along with an integrated lounge chat to help players coordinate competitions. Our track editor allows players to create and then race friends with their own custom tracks. The Special Edition enhances this with a multitude of new features such as online Scoring (Internet play only), detailed environments, new menu systems, and improved vehicle physics.

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Anywhere [OLD] Concept Artist: Warped Humor Game at Red Hill Games

concept artist: warped humor game red hill games anywhere artists red hill games (www.redhillgames.com), is currently seeking development help for an upcoming project using the udk. in particular a concept artist with a love of the zany and a bent sense of humor. what we would require from such beyond their artistic talent. * ability to attend company meetings through voip software. * has a professional manner, and shows respect for fellow coworkers. * self starter who can work from home. * available for discussions through msn. * usage of svn. (can teach) the applicant(s) will be working with our art director along with our ceo to settle on a style for the game. then create character sheets and to envision environments to help with level design direction. as the main concept artist, we would also be extremely open for input on the design of the game. to give some idea of what we are working on this early in the development phase. (http://www.bratsinc.com) brats inc, a “looney tunes/south park” world of children in playgrounds fighting or teaming up in a “king of the hill” ideal. it will be a multiplayer game that's a mix of a third person shooter, brawler, and have a few rpg/class overtone. story: [quote] the kids have revolted and tied up the teachers. its a free for all on the playground where its survival of the fittest. fight, team up, whatever it takes to last to the end of the round. the player with the most points at the end, either through conquest or helping, becomes the most respected or feared kid on the playground.[/quote] please be forewarned, our company is currently using a profit share system. compensation percentage will be negotiated upon experience and may be renegotiable after your work manner is established. in short, there is no money up front, and no guarantees of such. we are a fully registered company were we each work from home full or part time. we understand the risk of such ventures, and the need of all team members to be behind our companies ideas 110%. the benefit to this is we accept input and criticism from all members versus a top down method of management. it might be worth mentioning, we do have a commercially released title already out, [http://www.3drcracing.com 3d rc racing. so you are not dealing with the unknown of a first project and company. some of our top leads have years of industry experience. for more information, questions or to apply. please pm me, or better, send an email to: drew [[at]] redhillgames [[dot]] com. links to your work and/or a style examples would be helpful. we are open for other areas of help. please feel free to inquire. i have thrown some sketches up at conceptart.org to help any applicants see if where we are going visually matches the idea the concept artists own interests. http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?p=2739296#post2739296

3D RC Racing "SE"
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