3079 is a futuristic, open-world action first-person role playing game. You arrive on a planet experiencing constant war. It is your duty to find out why the warring factions cannot find peace on their own & hopefully restore it yourself. All areas, buildings, items, quests and characters are randomly generated. You will find unique lands & challenges. I hope you enjoy it! "Just want to say again that this is a great game! For those of you who feel like its a minecraft copy just beacuse of the cube textures used you really need to rethink what a game is about! The game play of 3079 is nothing like minecraft it is pretty unique as well as how the weapons all have diffrent stats and colors kind of reminds me of Borderlands. However it is still an original idea for a game and i still play it from time to time. You should at least try the demo and if you like it please buy it and support fruit! :D Still give it a 9/10 ! Best Regards, Adam" -- SeaNanners Sequel @ 3089game.wordpress.com

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5 thek3nger

Apr 19th, 2012 0 people agree 0 people don't

For now this game is still to rough for my taste. Graphic and NPC AI is too poor and I don't get it the essence of the game.

I'm gonna try this game again in the future and I hope to improove my current rating. :)

deityrox says
5 deityrox

Apr 16th, 2012 0 people agree 0 people don't

Нет разнообразия. Майнинга и крафта нет. До поры до времени интересно путешествовать по бесконечному миру, пытаясь собрать армию и лучшую экипировку, но когда не видишь ничего нового - игра наскучивает.

Erik_Padamans says
5 Erik_Padamans

Mar 10th, 2012 0 people agree 1 person doesn't

Nice and funny game, but nothing else.

Zuriki says
5 Zuriki

Mar 3rd, 2012 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

In the current state, the game definitely shows potential. However I am weary of saying this game will definitely go somewhere. Playing it, I got the feeling of those classic FPS games like DOOM and Marathon, however it was far more hectic and confusing.

The game implements some "rogue-like" style stats mechanics. Equipment has semi-random stats and can be specialised using weapon mods. This is a nice touch, but you'll probably be swapping out weapons so often that it won't really make a difference.

The graphics are currently one of the weakest links in the game. I am by no means a GFX *****. But characters are composed of randomly scaled cubes and it can end up generating some rather disconcerting characters (extremely elongated heads, and arms the same thickness as the rest of the body, for example). Also, it seems that half of the population is born without legs and with anti-gravity organs or something... which is... well, I'll let you make your own mind up on that one.

There is some mention of a story, but currently that consists nothing more of a setting and one "main quest". Whether or not this will evolve into something bigger is yet to be seen.

Final thoughts, this game is weak as it stands, but I do see some potential as it develops and refines the existing mechanics. I will probably make another write up as the game progresses, hopefully it will be more favourable than this one.

hemebond says
5 hemebond

Feb 5th, 2012 1 person agrees 6 people don't

Playing 2.10.6b.

A good mix of ideas here, and fun to play. Still stuff to come, so that's good.

Currently the graphics are inconsistent and not particularly clear. Basic movement feels terrible because there is so little friction; everything feels ethereal. All the sound effects are echoing as if all the combat is taking place in a big concrete box.

It also doesn't store it's configuration and saved-game files in the correct places.

Get it while it's cheap. The single-player will last you about 8 hours in its current state.

Jan125 says
5 Jan125

Jun 6th, 2014

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lefortha says
5 lefortha

Sep 22nd, 2013

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valarom says
5 valarom

Jun 3rd, 2013

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Namelessness says
5 Namelessness

May 13th, 2013

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DmitryNikolaev says
5 DmitryNikolaev

Apr 13th, 2013

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