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Jul 24 2012 Anchor

This thread will include all of our alien artwork and under development images. We'd like to open it with a screenshot of a Gray ET, which is being textured/animated right now. Here you have both screenshots, with the model in solid and the wired model.

And also, we will post here the images taken from UFOs on our game. This images are rendered real-time, and are real in-game screenshots. None of this images has been filtered nor altered or mixed with real images. What you see here will be what you will see on the final game.

We will also post a thread about demon images, ghost footage, and other with the images from the playable characters. In a few hours, another shots from our shaders will be posted here too. Keep an eye on this forums for more screenshots of the game, and don't forget to comment your thoughts.

Jul 25 2012 Anchor

Thanks a lot! :)

Jul 25 2012 Anchor

Another shot from this ET, now rigged and ready to be animated. Comment what you think about it.

Jul 26 2012 Anchor

Good but mouth is too big

Jul 26 2012 Anchor

Here it is, the finished alien. it is rendered in-game, with a simple empty scene. We wanted to show only the alien, so : What do you think about it?

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Jul 26 2012 Anchor

Totally great if you when you will have complete all models start making hd textures (Iportant ground/terrain texture) beacuse its not good :D

But alien Is good but you can try to make body tessalation

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