NOTICE: This game is set in trenches in Germany, therefore it was decided to keep the feel, that the language in the game is German (letters). The language selection between Danish and English in the beginning, is ONLY for the controls. The letters scattered around in the trenches are only bonuses and adds to the feel and ambiance of the game, take a look at them if you understand German or not, because they might hold self-explanatory drawings to aid you in the game. The game was made in a single month as part of a DADIU education. Please do not expect to play the game as an FPS, because it is not an FPS. It is a First Person Avoider Survival Horror game, for Indie Gamers. Experience the horror and senselessness of war. The enemy constantly hidden in the fog ready to pounce. Fatigue and shellshock distorting your movement and ability. The stress of uncertainty and adrenaline of chase followed by attack. Here, salvation is the blinding epileptic bombardment of the battlefied.

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Decent game, I'm just not sure what the objective is

Good potential. A longer, fuller game would be worth while. Has fantastic in-game mechanics, sound, and graphics, especially for an indie horror game. Devs should definately consider making a full horror game with the same engine. Overall, a worthwhile scare.

The atmosphere and the thrill of the game was excellent! The fact that they kept it in the language was good proof that they went the distance but would've been nice if it was also in english. It was to short but it could easily be added on too if the developers so choose.


A truly, wonderful take on the survival-horror genre. I don't think I've ever jumped this much, and felt such a sense of dread from a game since playing Amnesia, and this game really delivered on all front.

The ambient sounds truly add to the experience, and over-all feel of the game which really washes you in that sense of fear, and dread. You're constantly looking around, whether it be the sounds of the dinosaurs, gun-fire and even the screams of terror. Every corner is a nightmare, and this game is brilliant.

its totally scary, graphics and movement its perfect and its all packed in a 60 mb intaller, perfect.

Loving it so far!!!

Looks great but it's really hard to evade the raptors and kill them. also it should start you off with a gun.

its an ok game but need to ether make it so the dinos can die or make it so they die with 3 to 4 shots i shot one in the face 5 times and it didnt die and it need some code for noobs to use to help them live longer it took me like 10 times before i beat the game

bardzo krótka gra góra na 10 minut

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