10 min space strategy is a compact, quick turn-based 4x strategy. Our goal was to make a space strategy game that is not incredibly difficult, has a simple ruleset, but still requires the player to decide strategy, fleet movement, etc. It has all the standard elements of space strategies, you have different fields to research, you can make your own race, there is spaceship combat, colonisation, etc.

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A great example of a MOO1 replica, keeping things simple. Unfortunately it quickly loses its challenge.
Give it a go, you won't regret the 3-4hr investment!

A very nice and simple MOO clone for beginers (explainable in 10 minutes).
None of the more complex stuff like researching a tech tree or dozens of building to build,
no use of Food / Income (Currency) support either...
So it clears most micromanagement, without clearing most of the fun!

No Tactical combat though, so fleet building is only a factor of size.
Sadly no Multiplayer support atm, which could make it much more fun.

Straight forward and quick just as advertised. Plenty of depth however.

This game gives exacly what it says. Quick and dirty turn based strategy. To my mind it lacks in the late games (cause all is held very simple) and you dont have different computer AIs. Yes you can make it harder by lower your own start perks but thats not the same.

But i love it for once in a week or so.

Ten Minute Space Strategy is an elegant fusion of simple design and implementation that results in deep strategy. It has a fairly solid AI, there's a wide variety of customization with regards to your faction, and the art is excellent and clear. The interface is mostly excellent, but has a few rough edges (particularly with regards to constructing buildings). The game has some balance issues and a couple annoying exploits, but nothing that completely breaks the experience.

Currently, 10MSS only supports free-for-all and will not allow setting up teams. Multiplayer is limited to hotseat, which is inconvenient but at very least servicable. Scenarios are randomly generated, with toggles for the size of the game board and number of planet. The game tends to play best with larger scenarios that provide more breathing space between factions, and tends to play poorly if factions start closer together.

There is no tutorial, and 10MSS relies on some brief notes at the top of the readme file to explain the game to the player. If you don't mind figuring things out for yourself, this can be a fun process, but it may be a bit frustrating for others.

While the game CAN be completed within 10 minutes if you take your turns briskly, it will usually be somewhat longer than the title indicates. This is still a strategy game you can play in a single sitting, and well worth your time to explore.

Great game, and the only thing missing is a challenging AI.

this game is fun. Just what I was looking for. Hope they add more races.

Find the game deeply enjoyable and easy to learn. Adds to the genre in a simple way without being bogged down by the complexities like some other 4x games.


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