10 min space strategy is a compact, quick turn-based 4x strategy. Our goal was to make a space strategy game that is not incredibly difficult, has a simple ruleset, but still requires the player to decide strategy, fleet movement, etc. It has all the standard elements of space strategies, you have different fields to research, you can make your own race, there is spaceship combat, colonisation, etc.

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A great example of a MOO1 replica, keeping things simple. Unfortunately it quickly loses its challenge.
Give it a go, you won't regret the 3-4hr investment!

Good game. Easy to learn and really fun.

It`s the most direct 4x I've ever played.

great game! but it's way to easy as long as you don't have any friends around to battle against.

spend 3 hours in this after download witch doesn't occur often. that really speaks for the game. hey + for replayabillity. + for the visuals, they are pleasing to look at yet simple. + for race and map customization. + for gameplay and mechanics, really entertaining game. - for having seen everything after 10min (hence the name).

how about some more units? like capital ships, carriers warships torpedo bombers heroes etc. if you make them selectable before the game you would get a simple game like you have now and an enhanced one too.

jeez me likes this game a lot, gonna give it a 10 for blowing my expectation by far and being pure gold.

Pretty fantastic game. Needs a difficulty slider though, as it seems a little easy by default.

A very nice and simple MOO clone for beginers (explainable in 10 minutes).
None of the more complex stuff like researching a tech tree or dozens of building to build,
no use of Food / Income (Currency) support either...
So it clears most micromanagement, without clearing most of the fun!

No Tactical combat though, so fleet building is only a factor of size.
Sadly no Multiplayer support atm, which could make it much more fun.

Very nice game although it took me a while to figure the game mechanics ( espicially moving units)without a tutorial although can you increase max of a unit type in a fleet? I wanted a mass fleet!!!

Straight forward and quick just as advertised. Plenty of depth however.

This game is freaking awesome!

Nice short term entertainment, sadly not enough depth to be entertained for too long. Liked it anyways =)

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