UPDATE: 10 minute space strategy v1.0 released!


Hello everyone,
10 min space strategy is a compact, quick turn-based 4x strategy. Our goal was to make a space strategy game that is not incredibly difficult, has a simple ruleset, but still requires the player to decide strategy, fleet movement, etc. It has all the standard elements of space strategies, you have different fields to research, you can make your own race, there is spaceship combat, colonisation, etc.

We are proud to present a working demo that gives you a taste of what the final game will be. I hope you will enjoy the demo, and if you like it, press a like on facebook :)


more screenshots:

Since there is no ingame tutorial yet, I will give you a few hints on how to play the game (though we tried to design it to be really straightforward and there is a tooltip for almost everything).

In your planets you can build facilities, that create stuff, like fighters, research, etc. Fighters and bombers are created automatically in each turn, but you have to click on a button to build coloniser ships.

One thing that is maybe not really easy to gasp is that more population means more production. Population basically multiplies a building's production. So a planet with 4 population and 1 factory will create the same amount of fighters than a planet with 2 population and 2 factories (4x1=2x2). Because of this you have to carefully balance between spreading and keeping a healthy planet population.

Propulsion tech helps you to see and move farther from your colonies, and Empire tech allows you to have more colonies and fighters. Warfare tech helps you to have an edge in space combat, Industry speeds up building spaceships and Environment allows a quicker population growth on alien planets and higher population maximum on all planets.

You can control anomalies by simply stationing fighters on them.

We are interested in your opinion, especially:

- Did you encounter any bugs, especially crash bugs?
- How easy the game is, how easy it was to understand the rules?
- Was it fun? :)

Thank you for your feedback,
The Goblin Lunatics

Like us on facebook! :p

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Demo ready

4 years ago News 1 comment

We are proud to present a working demo that gives you a taste of what the final game will be.

We would like to hear your opinion about the game! Found a bug? Feeling confused? Kinda fun? Comment it here, on our facebook page, or on our blog!

The Goblin Lunatics team

10 min space strategy v1.02

10 min space strategy v1.02

4 years ago Full Version 3 comments

v1.02 is out now with bugfixes and french translation. More updates coming soon with new features.

10 minute space strategy v1.0

10 minute space strategy v1.0

4 years ago Full Version 0 comments

The final version of "10 minute space strategy". Featuring more unique techs, streamlined race creation, simplified fleet dividing, save/load game, numerous...

10 min space strategy demo

10 min space strategy demo

4 years ago Demo 0 comments

10 min space strategy is a compact, quick turn-based 4x strategy. Our goal was to make a space strategy game that is not incredibly difficult, has a simple...

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Thurgax Jul 6 2012 says:

The game is greatly pleasant..The only error i've noticed is a wierd lag when i use the divide fleet button.It seems to vanish when a coloniser ship is involved, but otherwise it pops up at random.

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Darvin3 Jun 24 2012 says:

This game is an elegant fusion of simple design and implementation with some deep strategic consequences. It's got some balance issues and a couple exploits that need to be addressed, but for all its rough edges there's a lot to love here.

I totally agree with the others that I'd love to see some multiplayer. Hotseat is nice, and I've had the luxury of being able to play against a human opponent in this fashion, but hotseat is inconvenient at the best of times and you just don't get the same variety of ideas and strategies between two people as you would with a broader multiplayer community. Be sure to add a turn timer; there's nothing more infuriating than people who just refuse to take their turn.

I do have a UI gripe with regards to building structures. To build a structure, I need to select a build slot (this is somewhat redundant to begin with), which opens a sub-menu, then I need to select my chosen building from the sub-menu. Filling out 4 build slots on a large planet requires eight button clicks (each one on separate menus) and about 6-8 seconds since the sub-menu has to open and close repeatedly. With hotkeys (for instance, type "F" to build a factory in the first available build slot) this should take only four keystrokes which could be done in less than a second. In a game where entire turns can take as little as 10 seconds if you know what you're doing, building structures is unnecessarily time consuming.

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pickardj79 May 29 2012 says:

This is a great game, keep up the good work. Please do not make it more complicated - stick with the "10 minute..." theme. Complication does not always lead to better game play or better strategy and there are enough complicated games out there!

-- Multiplayer and/or a much better AI is definitely needed. Will need in-game diplomacy (messaging) for multiplayer.

-- Allow game setup to form teams. That could handle the AI issue. I could play against two (or three) AIs allied together!

-- Need more info on battles: how does effectiveness fit in? What does the difference in fleet size do? I have a hard time predicting the outcome of battles. You could have a quick website where you simulate battles.

-- Would also like info on fleet loses while laying siege to a planet. This is a function of population?

-- Some colors hard to tell apart: e.g. the two greens

-- Some numbers hard to tell apart: e.g. 5, 8 and 9. Okay with my own fleets (annoying, but I can click to get a bigger number) but for enemy fleets this could be very bad: "Is that 50 fighters or 90?"

-- Post game stats are always cool

-- How about a starbase module to boost research? Can I destroy my own starbases if I don't like where I put them?

-- I really like the relatively slow population growth. A lot of other games pop maxes out quickly making new colony ships cheap. In this game I never seem to have enough colony ships!

-- Randomness of unique techs could make-or-break your game. Some are worthless, some are super powerful (I like mid or high slingshots). Maybe break this into it's own research category keeping other tech prerequisites. E.g. slingshots still require 4 propulsion (or whatever it is) and I have to research 100 points of unq. tech, but I get to choose to research slingshots. Helps with the lameness of endgame research too: now I can research my 10th level of warfare, or I can go for Advanced Living III (I think that's what it's called).

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Purlox Feb 9 2012 says:

Great game. Are you planning on adding multiplayer?

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pickardj79 May 29 2012 replied:

yes, yes, yes multiplayer. Then you would of course have to make it available on phones / tablets.

+1 vote     reply to comment
cyberkiller40 Mar 15 2012 replied:

Multiplayer would rock so hard in this game. I am willing to pay some money if this game had multiplayer.

+2 votes     reply to comment
MrLevi Feb 8 2012 says:

Great game, but its too easy! It needs more aggressive or better AI.

+3 votes     reply to comment
coderbill Feb 7 2012 says:

Awesome game, sucked up several hours. So good because it has so little, but I wish it had more :) Great work!

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SenisterDenister Feb 2 2012 says:

I don't know if its a its a mark of achievement for you or a terrible sign of the industry but this is probably one of the best 4X space games I've played in recent years. Really, I've been waiting a long time for something to usurp MOO2 and this has come a lot closer than anything else I've come across. If you decide to follow up with a sequel you can bet I'll be playing it.

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BlackThorny Jan 5 2012 says:

- Once you get to it., Additional content would be great:
More races, creedos, picks and negative picks, etc.
More Science and techs, maybe even a tech tree. Reserchable buildings... Spies...
Curency (to buy stuff), Food, freighters (to move pop)... (yeah I know, this will make it a MOO clone :) )
Cheats (Not as a game feature, As in order to observe the map, skip time for further inspections, etc).
Additional music or an abillity to play our own would be sweet.
Multiplayer / Diplomatic support? (0ne can only wish :) )
Score (points) system for some additional chalenge!
better AI :P

Again, I want to congartulate you on a high value product as it is,
fixing the bugs mentioned earlier will make it much more playable, adding content will make it premium.

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A great example of a MOO1 replica, keeping things simple. Unfortunately it quickly loses its challenge.
Give it a go, you won't regret the 3-4hr investment!

Nov 6 2011 by Mavzor

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