0 A.D. (pronounced "zero ey-dee") is a free, open-source, cross-platform real-time strategy (RTS) game of ancient warfare. It's a historically-based war/economy game that allows players to relive or rewrite the history of twelve ancient civilizations, each depicted at their peak of economic growth and military prowess.

The twelve factions are: Three of the Hellenic States (Athens, Sparta and Macedonia), two of the kingdoms of Alexander the Great's successors (Seleucids and Ptolemaic Egyptians), two Celtic tribes (Britons and Gauls), the Republican Romans, the Achaemenid Persians, the Iberians, the Carthaginians, and the Mauryan Indians. Each civilization is complete with substantially unique artwork, technologies and civilization bonuses.

Developed using Pyrogenesis, a game engine custom-built to suit our needs, 0 A.D. will give players a rich and entertaining real-time gaming experience. 0 A.D. is portable, running not only on Windows, like most games, but also on Linux and Mac OS X.

We believe free, OS software like 0 A.D. encourages sharing, learning and creativity. That's why we have made the code and data available under the GPL license, and released the art, sound and documentation under CC-BY-SA. Modifying the game's data files is as simple as editing JavaScript and XML files, so anyone can learn how the game was developed and share their own contribution to the 0 A.D. world.

0 A.D. is being developed by Wildfire Games, a community of volunteer, hobbyist game developers from all over the world. 0 A.D. has been an open source project since July 2009. We're looking for programmers, 3d artists and more.

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Wildfire Games, an international group of volunteer game developers, proudly announces the release of“0 A.D. Alpha 19 Syllepsis”, the nineteenth alpha version of 0 A.D., a free, open-source game of ancient warfare. This alpha features building and siege engine capture, a new pathfinder, visual replay and more!

Easy Download and Install

Download and installation instructions are available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. 0 A.D. is free of charge and always will be. Although you might find some people selling copies of 0 A.D., either over the internet or on physical media, you will always have the option to download 0 A.D. completely gratis, directly from the developers.

Moreover, you can redistribute the game and modify it freely as long as you abide by the GPL. You can even use parts of the art and sound for your own projects as long as you abide by CC BY-SA. No “freemium” model, no in-game advertising, no catch.

New Gameplay Features in This Release

  • Building and Siege Engine Capture: Non-siege units can now capture buildings and siege engines. When you hover your mouse over an entity that can be captured, two crossed flags appear so you can issue a “capture” order. If you do, you will start gaining some of that entity’s “capture points” at a certain rate. (On screen, you will see your color taking up a greater proportion of the width of the entity’s capture bar.) Once you gain all of these points, you capture the entity, and it is yours! (Note: You can still specify a regular attack on buildings and siege engines by holding CTRL when right-clicking on a target.) There is currently no animation for the units which are capturing, that will be added in a later version.
  • New Victory Modes: “Conquest Structures” (destroy or capture all enemy structures to win) and “Conquest Units” (destroy all enemy units to win).
  • Ceasefire Game Mode: The game can be set so that all players are completely unable to attack their enemies for a predetermined time at the start of a game.
  • Attack Coordination: Players can request allies (including bots) to attack a specific enemy by clicking a button next to the player name in the diplomacy window. Also, Petra AI now supports attack coordination.
  • Petra AI now warns its allies when it needs a tribute and lets them know when it advances to a new phase.
  • The Ptolemaic lighthouse now has its special feature implemented: It reveals the shore on the entire map.
  • New Skirmish Maps: Tuscan Acropolis (for 4 players; map preview), Northern Island (for 2 players;map preview), and Alpine Mountains (for 3 players; map preview).

Preview of the new skirmish maps added in Alpha 19

Graphics and User Interface

  • Increased Maximum Map Height: The engine now supports an eight times greater range of terrain heights, allowing for the creation of maps with more diverse and impressive landscapes.
  • Visual Replay: Re-run a game and understand what took place in real time.
  • Aura Visualization: Units affected by an aura are now marked with an icon when the aura giver is selected.
  • New animals: New mastiff and wolfhound units have been added as well as a new rhinoceros.
  • The Roman units now have voices in Latin. Voice actors and people with knowledge in ancient languages are invited to contribute more voices to the game!

Under the Hood

  • New Pathfinder: The pathfinder is the component of the game engine that picks a route for a unit to move along from its current location to its target location, so that it does not collide with other units or with structures or with impassable terrain. The new pathfinder improves performance, but at the same time, it also introduces some new bugs. We have done as much as we could to ensure it was bug-free, but please report anything unusual!
  • XML Validation: In 0 A.D., the behavior of units, buildings and other world objects is defined by their components, such as cost, health and more. All of these are described in XML files. The “grammar” of the XML files is now checked for correctness before being used by the game engine, which helps prevent technical problems.
  • The generic Hellenic and Celtic factions have been removed.
  • Linux users, please be advised that SDL2 is now enabled by default on Linux.

Getting Support

Please see the “Get Support” page on our website to find ways to get help from the active and friendly 0 A.D. community.

We are well aware there is some room for improvement in 0 A.D. Some known issues are: Lag, visual glitches or textures not loaded, missing animations and more. When you provide feedback, we would ask you to focus on some of the other points that could be improved. Thanks.

Please Contribute!

We are seeking volunteer contributors in programming, art, sound, documentation and more. Programmers are especially welcome and can get started immediately.

Interested? Log onto #0ad-dev on QuakeNet on IRC and meet the developers. Also, you are invited toregister on our forums and start participating!

Why “Syllepsis”?

We name our releases according to development status (“Alpha” or “Beta”), successive release number (1, 2, 3, …) and a word relating to the ancient world, in alphabetical order (“Argonaut” for A, “Bellerophon” for B, …).

“Syllepsis” relates to 0 A.D. as it means “capture” in Greek, and refers to the building and siege engine capture feature implemented in this version (Thanks, bouke!).

For the next alpha, we welcome fan suggestions for words relating to the ancient world beginning with the letter T. Keep it original and related to the time frame portrayed in 0 A.D. (appx. 500 BC – 1 BC)!

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Contact info for press, bloggers, etc.: aviv@wildfireATHENSgames.com without the capitalized name of a Greek city.

Development Update August 2015

Development Update August 2015

3 months ago Millennium A.D. 2 comments

A new update for Millennium A.D. after almost a year of silence...

Sun Tzu 18 now available!

Sun Tzu 18 now available!

7 months ago 0 A.D. Rise of the East 5 comments

The Council is both happy and proud to announce a brand new release of Rise of the East!

New release: 0 A.D. Alpha 18 Rhododactylos

New release: 0 A.D. Alpha 18 Rhododactylos

8 months ago News 13 comments

Featuring an in-game tech tree, the Nomad game mode, performance improvements, and more!

Thanks for voting us into the Top 100!

Thanks for voting us into the Top 100!

11 months ago News 4 comments

Thanks for all the votes so far! Please read the full post for an update on the 0 A.D. development since the last Alpha release.

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0 A.D. Alpha 19 Syllepsis (Mac version)

0 A.D. Alpha 19 Syllepsis (Mac version)

15 hours ago Full Version 2 comments

New features include a new pathfinder (improves performance as well), Building and Siege Engine Capture, New Victory Modes, Ceasefire Game Mode, Attack...

0 A.D. Alpha 19 Syllepsis (Windows version)

0 A.D. Alpha 19 Syllepsis (Windows version)

15 hours ago Full Version 4 comments

New features include a new pathfinder (improves performance as well), Building and Siege Engine Capture, New Victory Modes, Ceasefire Game Mode, Attack...

Sun Tzu 18

Sun Tzu 18

7 months ago 0 A.D. Rise of the East Full Version 1 comment

With the help of some Chinese historians we (especially Stanislas69) have turned the Chinese Army upside down. A lot of armors and helmets are completely...

0 A.D. Alpha 18 Rhododactylos (Mac Version)

0 A.D. Alpha 18 Rhododactylos (Mac Version)

8 months ago Full Version 0 comments

Featuring an in-game tech tree, the Nomad game mode, performance improvements, and more!

0 A.D. Alpha 18 Rhododactylos (Windows Version)

0 A.D. Alpha 18 Rhododactylos (Windows Version)

8 months ago Full Version 15 comments

Featuring an in-game tech tree, the Nomad game mode, performance improvements, and more!

0 A.D. Alpha 17 Quercus (OS X Version)

0 A.D. Alpha 17 Quercus (OS X Version)

1 year ago Full Version 0 comments

Triggers, units on walls, gameplay balancing, and a lot more.

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MasterMorse Aug 14 2010 says:

Finally something that can tare me away from Age of Empires 3 and Starcraft II.

+3 votes     reply to comment
lol1234 Aug 16 2010 replied:

you have SC2?! :'( i wish it was christmas already, cuz i want it ._.

+2 votes     reply to comment
coltsfan95jdh Aug 17 2010 replied:

SC2 is amazing

+2 votes     reply to comment
paterah Aug 17 2010 replied:

Ok, here we go. SC2 is the same game with SC just with better graphics. Is that all they could do in 10 years?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Mythos_Ruler Creator
Mythos_Ruler Aug 20 2010 replied:

There are a couple of gameplay additions and tweaks (mainly new units). But yeah, it's essentially the same game. They even have the same kind of perfectly "balanced" multiplayer maps (boring).

+3 votes   reply to comment
Betelgeuze Aug 18 2010 replied:

and it it was different they would **** off all the original SC fans, because they "ruined it all!!1"

+2 votes     reply to comment
Color-Copycat Aug 17 2010 replied:

meh, I still want it.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Razihel Aug 29 2010 replied:

It's no longer interesting. If you played starcraft 1 there is little to nothing new to discover in SC 2. If you are new to SC, but have played some of the new RTS games (anything that has come out after year 2k), then you'll notice SC 2 it's plain boring, simple and plagued with archaic gameplay mechanics (even the size of the units is unrealistic). 10 years for a graphic update (and expensive one, btw), just to please SC 1 addicts. The company prefered to make a lot of money with the old formula than to make an actually good game... overpriced, overrated... I prefer 0AD =P.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Mythos_Ruler Creator
Mythos_Ruler Aug 7 2010 says:

I can guarantee people complaining about gameplay will enjoy the next release much better.

+3 votes   reply to comment
EAFSAgamemnon Jun 23 2010 says:

i know that this might have been asked but what game engine are u using?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Jeru Creator
Jeru Jun 26 2010 replied:

Pyrogenesis, a homegrown engine built on top of low-level libraries (OpenGL, OpenAL, ENet, ...). Gameplay scripting uses JavaScript.

+2 votes   reply to comment
EAFSAgamemnon Jul 8 2010 replied:


+2 votes     reply to comment
maffo Jun 3 2010 says:

wow*drools* *slaps himself* this is aoe 1 with way better ghraphics(from what i have seen so far)and i hope an better economic an war system
dont let me down you guys definetly got my track

+3 votes     reply to comment
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