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Jan 5 2012 Anchor

This is the 2D art I did for my latest game Backyard Zombies, which is now out on the Android! (There is also a free version check it out! :D)

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User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image

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moci Is it me or does it smell funny here?
Jan 5 2012 Anchor

Could you stop spamming about your game on the forums please. Even if you disguise it, it's still spamming. Post "news" and "media" on your game profile here on moddb/indiedb like everyone else. Thanks.



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Jan 5 2012 Anchor

haha cool dudes :p

Jan 5 2012 Anchor

SOMEONE'S a little miserable. But hey yeah thanks ice_trey my fav is the chicken :D

Apr 11 2012 Anchor

Interesting characters,I like the monkey most!8)

May 14 2012 Anchor

haha, they look pretty cool!

Aug 6 2012 Anchor

looks cool idoes it have a profile

Aug 8 2012 Anchor

Reminds me of Hero Academy! - Which is a good thing!

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