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Jul 28 2014 Anchor

Hi guys,
Recently something came to mind, I just added up the number of youtube subscriptions I have, which reached a grand total of 60. At least 60% are probably gaming channels, A number of them play games that I play, and therefore the reason I subscribed, however I also find myself watching games that I don't own either, why? Well it's entertaining. Why haven't I got some of the games that I watch frequently, either they are not for mac (Although I could and sometimes do use bootcamp or parallels) or I'm not really sure why not. Has any one else got something similar about watching games they don't own, just though it was weird when I stopped to think about it.


Maxen1416 Jack of all trades, Beginner at everything
Aug 11 2014 Anchor

Watching other people play whole games you don't own, whether it's because you are interested in the game itself, or the player, is quite common.

I am personally quite an active watcher on Youtube, having it completely replacing my TV, and subscribed to a grand total of over 1000 channels,
most of the active channels are game-related, and most of the videos that pop up weekly come from (besides Japanese content) Let's Players and (cynical) game critics.

and the simple question that you have already mentioned "Why? Well it's entertaining",
so with this answer I am not sure why you are overthinking.


TKAzA Community Manager
Aug 11 2014 Anchor

It's also why twitch is doing so well, and we run a show to show off indiegames, so you can watch and decide if you want to buy them.
Its great way of advertising and doesn't seem to be affecting games sales in a negative way.

Reborn:X Waiting...
Aug 12 2014 Anchor

I once watched an entire playthrough of Chris's chapter in REmake on YouTube because I didn't have the Gamecube console.


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Aug 12 2014 Anchor

I always like watching other people's Lets Plays, even if I have my own Lets Play channel. It helps me look at other good content, and find out about good games which I had no knowledge of before. I find watching other LPs to also enhance my perspective of the gaming world, which is something very beneficial.

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