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Apr 8 2013 Anchor

I'm a swedish let's player and at the moment i play a lot of horror games and stuff.

I hope you like what you see :3

May 6 2013 Anchor

I. I'm YTFm, a young gamer who enjoys unusual games for my age (Not In that way xD).
I enjoy mods, old games like tony hawks and tomb raider, Indies and the usual games for my ag
(Call of duty habit, Battlefield, terraria, as well as the halflife series, counterstrike.etc.) I run a small YouTube channel dedicated to the above. Check it out: hope you enjoy my content. A brief Bio of me, thanks!

May 7 2013 Anchor

I think we need a channel review thread in here somewhere. We need to start with a list of Do's and Don'ts for new comers. Who's with me?

May 8 2013 Anchor

i'm with you

Smallchange GDI, 101st Airborn Division, Firehawk Pilot
May 9 2013 Anchor

Agreed... I think I actually set that up later... Would require me going through alot of the more recent posts that I've only skimmed over... If anyone's willing to help with that, PM me.


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May 10 2013 Anchor

Well, I'll cross reference a good amount of the data w/ a post on a different website.

here started it. PLEASE add on, and help.

Jun 13 2013 Anchor

Wow i looked you guys channels and i realy liked too :D i started doing indie game commentaries mostly horror games :D
if you want to check
my channel :
I wish u guys will like too :D

Nov 19 2013 Anchor

Hey guys my name is thehedrat and I've had my gaming channel for about 9 months now and was wondering if any of you would take the time to check out some of my content. I have done full video's on Slender, Amnesia, I'm currently working on Cry of Fear as we speak, Plus other great indie horror games. Please feel free to leave any constructive criticism, I would love hear all of your feed back. Thank you

Nov 20 2013 Anchor

Mine: nothing too special

Dec 5 2013 Anchor

Hi everyone,
My name is Matt and I come from Switzerland, I just started creating content about indie games to help those small teams of developers let other know about their games and in the future I would like to also warn people about games that are not worth their price; any constructive criticism is well accepted.

There is currently a FREE GIVEAWAY, look at the video description: GIVEAWAY

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Dec 6 2013 Anchor

Hello everyone I'm Zeck with Press Start My channel is just an all around gaming channel with a little bit for everyone.
I have the Pause Menu series which is a news show (will be undergoing a change next episode to become shorter) that goes on once a week.
Option Menu is my weekly series dedicated to indie games and supporting them (any episode of Option Menu that earns over $6 in ad revenue I'll split the funds with the games featured) :)
I also do let's plays of games and online plays with my friends of the Press Start community. i'm always open to talking with other youtube gamers and and such so take a look and let me know what's going on :D

Here a link to the most recent Option Menu and my channel as well
Option Menu #2
My channel

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