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Sep 29 2010 Anchor

Gamertag: iAspyri

Games: MW2

Sep 30 2010 Anchor

My gamertag is BoricOdin

Games: MW 1&2, Halo 3, Reach, GRAW 2? Schadowrun.

Neolight Art Slave
Oct 2 2010 Anchor


AcidBarrel -- Torment --
Oct 6 2010 Anchor

Rogue Sergeant

Any game particularly, DR2 and Reach.


Grenades... are your friends.

Oct 18 2010 Anchor

User Posted Image

Oct 22 2010 Anchor

sergeim1 is my username on xbox360 live


need members come and join need members and post new topics thanks admin sergeim of the site gaming for consoles gaming for consolesUser Posted Image

Nov 16 2010 Anchor

nick: MCReetmann666

games; Halo Reach, Dead Rising 2 (not anymore cause it sucks hard), Assasins Creed Brotherhood (soon :D)


User Posted Image

Dec 16 2010 Anchor

My name is TheOldMonkeyman :D the name is so cool hahah :D

Feb 22 2011 Anchor

My Gt: Doo wolfrat i kno right

halo 3/reach/mw2/bf bad comp/rainbow six vegas 2/N+/

Mar 12 2011 Anchor

Halo 3
Castle Crashers <3

Mar 24 2011 Anchor


Games: Halo 3, Halo Reach, CoD series (all but 2 and 3), sometimes Fallout 3

May 26 2011 Anchor

My gamertag is: COR Spartan S52

Games: Halo Reach, Battlefield 2 Modern Combat, Chromehounds

Oct 10 2011 Anchor


Games: way too many

Evan V|GO Beta Tester
Nov 3 2011 Anchor

Black Ops MW3

Dec 19 2011 Anchor

Why is the PSN thread locked? I wanna find some PS3 gamers. lol

macacos2 maps at the speed of a crippled turtle
Dec 19 2011 Anchor

danate94 wrote: Why is the PSN thread locked? I wanna find some PS3 gamers. lol

When threads don't get bumped in a couple of months, they lock themselves. This isn't a very active forum.


[TZP]LoNer1 Public Relations
Dec 28 2011 Anchor

All CoD and BF series, Kexxelio and FromHell112

Apr 26 2012 Anchor

Gammer tag: Mr Beepidy
(Long story on how I got the name, so don't ask if you have a lot of stuff on your ajenda)

Games: GTA 4 plus Ballad of gay tony and Lost and the damed, Left for dead one, Halo 3

xPearse Developing H.O.T.D. Mod for M&B
Apr 30 2012 Anchor

xPearse, yea the same name here as well as many other places.

Nov 20 2012 Anchor

Games: Every Halo Game (that is all I will say as they are the most important.)

Edited by: KhevaKins

Mar 1 2013 Anchor

Neipol XIII

Dark Souls
Far Cry 3

Aug 1 2013 Anchor

I know this forum isn't very active anymore, but my current GamerTag is (not so oddly enough) my username on here, but with a space. :P xXWarLordXx Jay.
I play almost every 360 game that there is, but mostly the COD series, Halo, and any Rockstar game; GTA, Red Dead Redemption.

Sep 8 2013 Anchor

or Trollarch Seth
Any halo game/Cod game/Gta Game/Ac Game

Edited by: DCG_Seth

Sep 9 2013 Anchor


Don't play much apart from Resident Evil games 8)

Sep 13 2013 Anchor

GT: Aversion X

Play Dark Souls (waiting on Dark Souls II) and some CoD every now and then. Right now playing Terraria and Diablo 3.

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