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Mar 15 2009 Anchor

My live name is "themegamaster" lol surprise. :D
And I play BF:Bad Company and HAWX. Both = lots of fun. :D

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Sticky I'm pretty awesome.
May 4 2009 Anchor

Games update kiddies:
All-Pro Football 2k8
Fable II
Halo 3
...I'll add more when I get home from college in a few weeks. Yes, it's been that long since I've seen my game stash. :p

May 4 2009 Anchor

Mr_Cyberpunk obviously, and I'm rarely on, but when I am I'm usually playing Fable 2.

shumo154 we all fail at life
May 6 2009 Anchor

multiplayer games i play
macro razor154 is my sn
halo 3
gow 2
madden 09
gta 4


360 is great, my live accounts are frozenrazor154 and macro razor154.I show up for a month , i disappear for two ... what is wrong with that?

May 7 2009 Anchor

my Xbox live name is
games are:
the orange box
halo 2 (surpisingly yes)
halo 3
R6V 1 and 2
F.E.A.R. 1 and 2
Lost planet Colonies Edition
Burnout Paradise
Mercenaries 2
NFS: Carbon
NFS: Undercover

Far Cry 2
Bionic Commando
Fallout 3
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kinesis916 King Of My Bedroom
Jul 20 2009 Anchor

I'm not hard to find. Kinesis916.

At the moment I am usually found on CoD4. Though it isn't surprising to find me lost for days in Fallout 3.


Give me a job, NOW! Please.
Jul 26 2009 Anchor

My gamer tag is EazyE DoD. Sometimes people make fun of it, but I kinda don't really care. Everyone gets that every once in awhile, and chances are the persons gamer tage thats mocking yours looks extremely stupid so like I said, not a big deal, haha.

As of lately I've been playing Gears of War 2 and BF: Bad Company, but on occasion I can be found wandering in Fallout 3 and it's expansion packs, or playing Penny Arcade game/ Comix Zone/ Gun Star Heroes from the Xbox Live Arcade.

Aug 10 2009 This post has been deleted.
Aug 14 2009 Anchor

My Xbox live name is


i am on a lot the games i have

is halo wars

halo 3
NFS: Carbon
and more

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Aug 14 2009 Anchor

mine is CapsuleWolf 2 send me a friend request if u want, we can play CoD 4 & WaW:thumbup:, R6V(rainbow 6 vegas[1]), Orange Box:gordon:, & GTA IV:de:, & Smackdown vs Raw 2008/9.

Manic_the_hedgehog sup dudes?
Aug 20 2009 Anchor

whats mine? Manic Da Kid..


I am the brother of the world famous sonic the hedgehog..

I even have my own emotican -" alt="User Posted Image" />

Sep 7 2009 This post has been deleted.
Sep 7 2009 Anchor

mckizar135 for obvious reasons :P
i play mainly halo 3 nd left 4 dead and wen i get halo 3 odst il play tht

Sep 8 2009 Anchor

TE Anubis

Though, at the moment, my Xbox is out of commission and I need to get a new one.

Sep 12 2009 Anchor

glow trance

I've been playing pgr 3, if I get 4, I'll play that online

Manic_the_hedgehog sup dudes?
Sep 15 2009 Anchor

Manic Da Kid


I am the brother of the world famous sonic the hedgehog..

I even have my own emotican -" alt="User Posted Image" />

Oct 12 2009 Anchor

Mine is Spartan5252 but it will be changed when i get a new XBOX 360

DraeHD ModDB's Local ManWhore
Oct 19 2009 Anchor

CreepingNinja27 is my friends Live account, but i always use it :D

Relto Kharak is burning.
Nov 21 2009 Anchor


Finally got around to actually messing with my 360 a little, only a year after I bought it. Right now I only have ODST for multiplayer, but I'll be getting MW2 on Tuesday. If you do add me, let me know who you are on here.

E: Also I suck at console FPSes so bare with me.

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Dec 13 2009 Anchor

Anyone in here know where to find the best gamer tester jobs out there..

grinnock Freelance Berserker
Dec 13 2009 Anchor

Austin, TX or the Bay Area or Raleigh, NC or LA. This is kind of a tangential question.

Feb 23 2010 This post has been deleted.
Goobyplssss Leeeeerrrrrrooooooyyyyy!
Feb 23 2010 Anchor

Me pwnz u newb!


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Apr 21 2010 Anchor

Arkams Glory

Usually playing BF:BC2 but soon to be Red Dead Redemption.

May 7 2010 Anchor

Rcgi RisadeeLong story short, Its a long and bad name.Currently Playing the Reach Beta (Which is pretty good but defiantly shows why its a Beta!)

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