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Jun 16 2013 Anchor

(I posted this in the wrong forum, I'm a noob! Please go here if you have anything constructive to say:

Just a few seconds ago i was thinking about well, gory stuff. and the next book I'm reading is Herbert West's Reanimator. Then I was was this not an Amnesia mod yet? Assets from Penumbra and importing appropriate ambience would make a heck awesome spin off of the story/movie. Since the movie is somewhat light hearted at times, it would also be an opportunity for some of the people who like to make silly custom stories.

YOU DO THIS, and I'll give you all the free imaginary cake you could want. And it's delicious. But you will get my real love :) Maybe I'll have a go at it despite not being much of a modder or developer, but making custom stories seems quite fun.

Oh and I see this doesn't really belong here, this sub forum I see is mostly for website suggestions. I know mod/game requests are usually not welcome, I just wanted to share. After giving it some more thought, I might actually consider playing with the HPL 2 editor whenever I finish the book. Who know's maybe I can come up with something decent. So I guess this thread is now more so advice on how to help me with custom story creation, which would be appreciated :)

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