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Jun 12 2014, 6:21am Anchor

What is the worst video game you ever played? I went crazy because of Dragon of the 99 Dragons

Jun 24 2014, 3:25am Anchor

-Fantasy Wars
The Single player is impossible to finish due to some level designs. 
-Rig n Roll
The name says it all and the gameplay.
-Battle LA
[Another Horrible Rushed game based on the UDK based on the actual film]

Jun 27 2014, 2:19am Anchor

Darkest of Days. An FPS that involved time travel. The civil war, world war 2, and so on. The game made no sense story wise and the game could be near impossible.
For example, there were these balls that you used on people from the past so supposedly you did not mess up the future. Well, they lasted too long and the enemy was firing at you and your allies were firing at the guy you hit with the balls. On top of that, your entire squad could be killed leaving you to battle a dozen enemies. That was near impossible because of the people you had to use the balls with and the simple fact that you were outnumbered. God, it was terrible.

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