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Aug 4 2011 Anchor
Vigilante Justice


Vigilante Justice is a conversion for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas following the story of Carl Ronson, a police officer working for the LSPD.

As a conversion, Vigilante Justice hopes to bring a lot of new features and changes to the original game such as new missions, new weapons, a new HUD, new scenarios and plenty more. The mod installs alongside GTASA, leaving all original files untouched.

This is controlled by an ASI (a DLL used file, written in C++. This means that by simply placing or removing the one ASI file, you can enable and disable VJ easily. It also allows you to have use it's User Files directory in a different way from GTASA. So if you'd prefer to have different User Tracks for your high-speed persuits, you can do so easily!


The concept and storyline has been solid for a long time and the missions are being created now. I'm working on building extra features to add to the feel of the conversion, including extending the realism of the environment. The missions are simple enough to do, however help will be needed to continue working on them. I need to have all weapons, peds, interiors etc. made so I can use them in the missions.

Over the next few weeks I hope to finish some missions and add more features.

Help Needed (And Credits)

  • Animations: ceedj, More Required
  • ASI Programming: Deji
  • Mission Coding: Deji
  • Modellers (Interiors): Required
  • Modellers (Ped): indra p, More Required
  • Modellers (Weapons): Required


LSPD Training Mission Gameplay (ALPHA Test)



  • Installs alongside San Andreas
  • CLEO-Independant
  • New, interactive HUD (WIP)
  • 'Objectives' list replaces 'Brief' in menu
  • Radio in police vehicles
  • All vehicles Pay'n'Sprayable
  • Police immunity in 'Cop Mode'
  • Extended/fixed insane stunt bonuses
  • Various other SA fixes
  • More realistic environment
  • And much more...
  • And even more coming...

ALPHA Screens


Edited by: Deji

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