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Skylar15 Some random dude
Oct 6 2012 Anchor

Sordrai wrote:every american is gonna ignore this for sure

Lies, I am a American. Also, I am not sure why alot of our Movies have Russian villains, I guess some people are still angry at Russia. Also, in some of our movies and games, the American Government ate the bad guys (Kinda).


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Feb 2 2013 Anchor

Mainly because russia is under a dictatorship, is the most powerful country in the world and keeps its intelligent citizens silent by torture and sending them to jail for no reason

Feb 2 2013 Anchor

lagiacruswhite wrote:Mainly because russia is under a dictatorship, is the most powerful country in the world and keeps its intelligent citizens silent by torture and sending them to jail for no reason

What are you smoking? Whatever it is, it must be good. Take me to your dealer!


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Feb 2 2013 Anchor

TerranAmbassador wrote:

lagiacruswhite wrote:Mainly because russia is under a dictatorship, is the most powerful country in the world and keeps its intelligent citizens silent by torture and sending them to jail for no reason

What are you smoking? Whatever it is, it must be good. Take me to your dealer!

maybe you should stop smoking, putin is elected in AGAIN and AGAIN even though no one with any sense votes for him, all the parties are run by him and the last time someone opposed him he was jailed indeffinetly for 'stealing oil' also, have you heard about pussy riot? putin is just stalin all over again.

Feb 2 2013 Anchor

I think they're just jealous of their awesome accent. Female russain accents are particularly hot... But in all seriousness, yeah, it's probably the cold war... or by now, it's a cliche.

Feb 17 2013 Anchor

Well, Looks like we all know what makes Russians such a popular candidate for being antagonists. Basically it is: American Cold War propaganda, stereotypes(influenced by the cold war), Russia's history of communism and dictatorship, cool accents, and it is just plain easy to use cookie cutter villains.

So, that is why. Now, what are we going to do about it? The only real answer is better writing, and that is not much of an answer to the deep intellectual laziness inherent with the use of stereotypes.

Feb 17 2013 Anchor

Fragvergnugen wrote: wrote:It's been over 20 years after the cold war but AMERICA still want to make Russians the main villain's in movies and games.

Examples, please!

Maybe you could make a website about Evil Russians™ in movies and video games.
Start with the James Bond movies.

Example: Cod Black ops

Mar 6 2013 Anchor

Cliche enemies in games always seem to be enemies from previous wars American took part in, that's why for every Russian soldier there's always a German evil scientist...

May 1 2013 Anchor
  • Because Russians are fricken awesome.
  • We generally glorify the 80's in videogames, as it is kind of the breeding ground of games as we know them today.
  • The cold war saw a lot of technological advancement. The concept is an interesting one to explore since it was closer to technology of today than say nazi germany, which is more often featured in zombie games recently.
  • A lot of game developers were around for the cold war.
  • We (The US) identify more closely with Russia than with asia or the middle east, so stories featuring Russians often can have more depth without having to explain as much.
  • Everyone secretly wants to go to russia. No I don't care what you say, you really want to go.
  • Phage therapy
May 1 2013 Anchor

"i doubt thats the reason. A lot of nations are Bad*** but not many of them are villains. And i think French make very good villains. No offense France !"

We are too weak to be villains. And we drink too much wine...

May 1 2013 Anchor

You're forgetting the fact that French have a history of kicking ass and taking names, the Napoleonic Wars being just the most famous example. The French can more than be villains (and were considered to be so several times in the past).


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May 1 2013 Anchor

There's a great movie called "Odinochnoye plavanye" (or, "Solo Mission") which I saw a few years ago. Essentially, imagine a stereotypical action movie, but with a crazed rogue American general threatening the world with nuclear destruction. The only ones who can stop him - SPETZNAZ

May 1 2013 Anchor

That's fantastic! I must see this movie.

May 2 2013 Anchor

I want to see this movie! :)

May 3 2013 Anchor

Is that all Russians are bad guys in movies and games? Sure?

May 3 2013 Anchor

I dont speak english, so forgive if i am not too clear. (But i try).

Firstly, take in account this: When i say EE.UU, Soviet Union/ Russia i dont refer to all the people in there (the citizens who lives in those countries) i refer to they goverments and his politics methods mostly.

The question "Why russians are the bad guys ?"...In what? Movies? Games? Books?...
To be more clear, may be the question should be "Why russians are the bad guys in movies, games and books from EE.UU (Mostly)?"
And the more important of all answers that anybody can make, is because the Cold War.

Cold War was a conflict between, lets say, two ideology / economic models.

Both countries create a tremendous system of propaganda to keep the people "thinking" in one way, "the correct way". The industries, politics, all kind of media, music, etc, etc, etc was used in order to "win" that war.

Sadly for the rest of the world, who doesnt have anything to do with EE.UU OR Soviet Union ideologist, we were forced to become part of the great battlefield scenario.(by being the scenario)

Then, The Wall fall and Soviet Union disappear (not pacefully) and EE.UU with his Capitalism prevails. But they doesnt "destroy" his propaganda system, never do that. They just continue with the process of making people "think" of "believe" what they need.

So, why the russians are the bad guys?, probably the answer is because you mostly see american (or English) movies, play his videogames or videogames based/inspired on them, etc. etc.

But the true is, because EE.UU (with his position of power) continue with his classics methods. I have seen "old" movies from Russia, and they always win in
them too. But doenst matter from what country the movie is, 95% of the time is just has some kind of politics or comercial propaganda in them. Yes, that is one of the reasons why exist bad and irreal movies, boring videogames, etc.

The "winner formula" is always the same, doesnt matter what country we are talking about, "The enemy is always the worst of the worst in the world, we are the most honest, pure, brave, etc, and if you dont are agree with us, you are against us." and this simple fact, cost millions of lifes, not only in the cold war...from the ancient times to modern.

In the USA version of reality, they fight against all the evil people in the world in all times, and thats the reason why they need some kind of "flag" or "name" to identify the enemy, a title. So for example, today if you dont agree with the Irak War automatically you could be a Pro-Terrorist or been accused of being against the "peace", "democracy", "the free-world" or whatever they suppose to represent.

Dont take my words in a bad sense, if Soviet Union/ Russia had won the Cold War this question would be "Why the Americans are the bad Guys?". Sadly the Question change but the answer, Not.

So folks, dont worry, tomorrow the world will see another "bad guy" could be you, it could be me, it could be.....ok, i make my point. :)

Reborn:X Waiting...
May 9 2013 Anchor

That heli does not even looks like a Harke or a Hip. Is the fastroping guy holding a MP-40? Lol.

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May 9 2013 Anchor

I like the way his finger is on the triger even though he's holding the gun like an ape. Aw yeah, 80's style poster art.

May 13 2013 Anchor

In the same way you can ask why Africa or Bangladesh continues poor...
Look , any war, cold or heat as any colony (yes the colonies still exists, don't let the names dazzle you) are simply products.
Everything is see as a product to buy cheap and sell expensive so the bad guys needs to exists and anyone could fit in that role. It's not difficult to realize that where the caos is, the bussiness are present in any form. The point is, if you really don't know why the bolsheviks are the bad guys it could be a good idea to start to read history and economics. Don't take me wrong since to get some culture avoid the humans becomes worst predators thant they actually are.
Finally, the amigo masquedios is very close to the whole idea.
Oh, one more thing, I don't care if I'm not politically correct :tired:
Cheers folks :wub:

May 27 2013 Anchor

First off when speaking about showing Russians as bad guys we sholud clarify: do we speak about society, or do we speak about elites. And in my opinion it's mainly the elites that are seen this way with russian society beeing actually victims of their own rulers.

Where does it come from? Cold War was not so far ago. People do remember. I'm from Poland, born in 1979. I do rememeber Russian troops leaving Poland after they were passing by on their way to Berlin during the WWII. The last troops have officialy left in September 1993. It was quite a long visit, don't you think?

You want to know more about why is Russia seen this way? Then google: Alexander Litvinenko, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, 2008 Georgia-Russia, "russian elections statistics". These are just some recent examples, you don't even have to dig deep in the past, and that would be even more devastating for Russia's reputation.

American culture and politics does have it's own sins. And they "own" the global language and produce most of the global "entertainment". But Russia always did and still provides some really great stories for them. And I will write it again: all of this is about elites, not the average people. And I'm writting it as someone who actually lives in a country that is still recovering after years of russian "care". We don't need american movies and games here in Poland to have our opinions, we have our own history.

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May 31 2013 Anchor

Hmm, depending on where you're aiming your topic to. Here's an example; the CoD's latest games. I would assume that, because the majority of Americans have so much pride in the military, thinking that it's impossible for any country to take them down, the best game would be Russia to their eyes. If the majority of the community doesn't believe this or believe that, it'll hurt prices so picking the naturally portrayed born-buff Russians as the bad guys is always the #1 choice. That's another reason; Russians are very powerful in military, and portrayed as the naturally strong people, and are also liked for many reasons for this. To be honest, it would be nice to see some new unique storyline instead of America vs Russia all the time, though I never did get the chance to fully play a lot of those type of games, as they get boring fast for me and I usually play these type of games with my friend at his house. There is an idea I haven't heard of that should be brought into the gaming world; a sort of World War 3. Enough time and thinking could bring a very good storyline, as such movies where manipulation is a very powerful tool.

Jun 10 2013 Anchor

Russia is a great country, but our countries have fought each other before. Sometimes artists like to explore this in their art. I’m sorry it bothers you. I really am.

Jun 11 2013 Anchor

In a less.....jerk-ish direction, I think it's left over nostalgia for the cold war. The US and USSR viewed each other as worthy opponents; as weird/wrong/whatever as this may sound, there's probably more than a little romanticism attached to the old Red vs Blue thing that was going on during that period.


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Jun 20 2013 Anchor

This is an unexpectedly interesting discussion made better considering the range of nationalities, ages, educations and intelligence levels of the people conducting it.

Actually, many of you hit the nail on the head by acknowledging the strength of Russia and the former USSR. American media creators feel the need to present a threat that is plausible, someone possessing all of the attributes a nation would need to go toe to toe with the USA. It doesn't hurt that there's over 50 years of hostilities between the 2 superpowers. Nearly every major war of the last half of the 20th century were proxy wars, some more so than others.

However, if the OP (and a great deal of posters) look deeper into the stories placing Russians in a villainous role, they'd notice that very few actually featured formal declarations of war backed by their government and people. The vast majority of the time these stories involve rogue elements with Russian foundations. The best logic behind this is the former Soviet Union nearly went bankrupt in the Cold War Arms Race before completely collapsing. This very real fact presents writers with motives and means of entire hosts of antagonists. Using this part of history alone, an arch-nemesis can be quickly created without having to spend time developing and communicating the mindsets behind their actions.

No other nation in the world in recent history has experienced these 2 events during the process of turning their greatest enemy into an ally, although their relationship is still awkward.

No other nation is the world has, specifically with hostile intent towards the US, spent untold millions of dollars and unimaginable dedication over 5 decades to developing some of the best weapon platforms ever made, only to have embarrassingly substantial amounts of it vanish between the dissolution of its empire and restructuring into its current state.

One final observation is that Russia is the only nation on the planet that's sense of national pride through directly and unquestionable defeating their enemies in open, public war rivals the USA. Although the US's popular culture is losing touch with its strong, violent heritage, which I find increasingly repugnant. There isn't a country on earth that would openly go to war with the US without resorting to underhanded tactics to place America at a disadvantage before committing themselves to the effort.

Plain and simple, Russians don't bullshit when it comes to war (See Russian or WWII History for proof) and stood ready for a very long time to slug it out with the military of the US at its highest.

Still confused about Russian villains? If so, either I'm not explaining this very well or you're not paying attention.

In any event, I do agree that a new 'face of the enemy' is needed. Russians are just too cool to keep using as the bad guy. But right now, there isn't a nation capable of being a threat. Unfortunately, the extremely volatile nature of current sociopolitical climates between the US and those that could possibly pose a danger remotely equal to the USSR prevent entertainment creators from looking outside the box for fear of offending a nation needing only the smallest reason to kick off another huge scale war.

And in response to some of the posters, Americans by and large don't have the highest opinion of their military. Most of them are too lazy, stupid or ignorant to understand not only that their military in under their government's control (therefor incapable of independent action) but that the rest of the world is a pretty screwed up place where a great many people want them dead on general principle.

Anyways, those are my thoughts and I'm curious to see how this discussion evolves. Thanks for reading.

Oh yeah.... now would probably be a good time to mention that I'm a Texan American and former member of the military:)

Aug 25 2013 Anchor

I don't remember America taking over the whole world, but we sure seem to be trying! =p

But I guess the reason Russians are usually the bad guys is because they were our last clearly defined enemy. Currently we're fighting terrorists but a terrorist can be anyone anywhere doing anything so it's a lot harder to define them without being blatantly racist. So people go for the nice and easy route of Russians.

They're also still a super power that can pose a very real threat to the US if they were ever to duke it out, though I'm pretty sure China is on that list now too though I haven't seen much if any games with them as the main villains.

I'm actually curious to see what if any games have America as the villains. o:

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