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Aug 26 2013, 3:37am Anchor
-Reiken- wrote:
I'm actually curious to see what if any games have America as the villains. o:

Alien vs Predator on alien and predator campaigns? :)

Sep 6 2013, 6:58am Anchor

Okay, first assume that 99% of writers are lazy. You don't really need to go any further than that for an explanation, but...

Establishing a villain requires a certain amount of time, effort, and audience attention. Unless that villain is already established, that is.

Russians and terrorists are known "bad guys". Toss one of those enemies into a story, and the audience needs no explanation of them, because the audience already knows why they're bad guys, without the writer having to do a thing. Other books/games/movies have long since established in people's those bad guys means and motivations. Using such a villain, there is then no risk of losing the audience's attention or belief while explaining the villain, because no explanation is required.

With the further advantage that games and movies only have a certain amount of time to tell their tale, and with a pre-established bad guy, the writer doesn't need to devote any precious time to lengthy explanations of the a bad guy.'s history and motivation.

And with the additional advantage besides that being that the writer doesn't have to expend any effort to think up a new bad guy.. (Lazy, remember)

Sep 11 2013, 2:04pm Anchor

I'm American and I love Russia. I love all countries. The majority of problems a country faces usually stem from the government from what I've seen.

Nov 27 2013, 5:01pm Anchor

There's a lot of history behind this, and a lot of replies, but I imagine if someone is looking at this right now and going "Why do Americans Demonize the
Russians?" Welp, look into the cold war:
That only ended about 20 years ago and trust me, we've still been messing with each other. As countries we do NOT like each other XD

HopeEstheim Hua, guys. Hua.
Nov 27 2013, 11:36pm Anchor

Of course, Mother Russia wishes to dominate the whole country and the earth.
Btw, I love Russia. AKs everywhere man! Let's go there!


Another day of reaching the sky in the Ark..

Nov 27 2013, 11:55pm Anchor

Who said the russians are bad guys?
You can look at Israel.

Feb 1 2014, 5:02pm Anchor

The media likes to demonize Russia because Putin won't get with the program.  He has this funny idea that Russia should be run by Russians instead of the international financial industry.

Feb 3 2014, 12:08pm Anchor

You can make a game where the good Russians turn all gay people into straight men and destroy Israel which is one of the most open to gay countries in the world.

Feb 3 2014, 1:33pm Anchor

I think "bad russians" are from two reasons.
1 - Cold War. USSR lost and as far we know history is written by winners. So losers are always bad & ugly.
2 - problem with mafia. Russia is big country and there is many criminals there.
Of course I know people are different and bad guys are in each country.

Feb 5 2014, 3:41pm Anchor
PompiPompi wrote:You can make a game where the good Russians turn all gay people into straight men and destroy Israel which is one of the most open to gay countries in the world.

Russia has a strong relationship with israel, most israeli jews are russian jews.

Feb 6 2014, 12:38pm Anchor

Most Israelies jews are not Russian jews. 
And yes Israelies love their Russian Jews brothers and sisters but that doesn't mean Christian Russians in Russia love Russian Jews.
A lot of Russian Jews have said how in Russia they were being marginalized as jews. 
Also there are probably a lot of good non Jewish Russian people but currently Russia is being led by gangsters and mobsters. So it makes sense to make them the bad guys.

Feb 14 2014, 4:56pm Anchor
SinKing wrote:And unfortunately living in the past is a privilege of the aged, not the young.

I like that quote lol.

May 1 2014, 6:48pm Anchor

Because if you pick any other country to be the bad guys they will get pissed and complain, or even ban the game in their country altogether (China for example). And Russians already know that the US is not very fond of them and they kinda dig being the bad guys in games.

Sep 16 2014, 2:01pm Anchor

short answer: every big countries needs a enemy, even when it's not a real enemy, that's a way to be able to do things that usually you (as a country) would not be able to do, this is how geopolitics works, and this is how it will still be working next years, if you wanna know why in games they do that, well... in games your enemy should be powerfull so you can see it as a challenge right? well, russia has a great army power, so it's a good enemy for science fiction and games, it would not be funny if the enemy was a country without guns, or a poor country without enought money to be a threat

SinKing bumps me thread
Sep 16 2014, 2:53pm Anchor

Wow, Ukraine conflict got this thread back going, or what? 

Russia has been pretty smart in their usual idiotic ways. They used to fool the USA during the cold war era, pretending to have nuclear planes and long range bombers. Russia is always playing with fire and gets out unscathed, in the end. But are they likable as a nation? No. It's not a democracy, and as Putin stated himself "there is no such thing like an 'ex' KGB man", which means he will always be KGB always opposed to Western/Nato states, always the villain. It's really easy to make Russians into villains, because they are in real life. Look at corruption in Russia, look at democracy (Pussy Riot incident), freedom, etc. All very limited in comparision to what I experience in Germany. We are richer here, we are free, we have less corruption and more industry. And we have no natural resources that keep our state going. If Russia had to rely on their technology and knowledge to finance the country, oh boy, would they be in trouble...

However, they do produce a lot of military gear, their politicians are champions at lying, their country is kaput and its people exploited. It's a state that doesn't work without its natural wealth. A broken down, former strongman, who wants to get back into power. What Russia does in the Ukraine is absolutely unforgivable, because it is terrorism supported by the Russian state. It's really easy to make them look bad on every occasion, because their politics and economy actually are bad. If you want to see a defunct democracy - come to Russia! Not all Russians are bad, of course, most are getting just as exploited by their government as the Ukraine is by Russian soldiers.

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Sep 16 2014, 3:40pm Anchor
SinKing wrote:look at democracy (Pussy Riot incident)

Disrupting a religious service gets you jailed in America too.  The church of scientology uses that to silence their protesters.

Sep 18 2014, 7:05am Anchor

How do I unsubscribe this thread?

It's really old and people still keep spaming in it :/

Sep 18 2014, 7:40am Anchor

Because jews 'Murica & company currently take control of the world.

Imagine if other nation take control of the world, for example China, every single game will have to have the Japanese/USA/Taiwan as the antagonists. Not unlike how most of their TV shows are about the "patriotic" struggle of killing facists Imperial Japanese during WW2 and something like that, but that's how we roll; so what.

Quote:which is one of the most open to gay countries in the world.

I thought it was Sweden?

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Sep 18 2014, 1:54pm Anchor

Tel Aviv is apparently the gay capital of the middle east

I'm sure that makes the Palestinians feel better

3hours 1min ago Anchor

It has been always like that not only in games but as well as in Hollywood movies.

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