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Why arn't their any animal mmos or games where you play as an animal?? (Forums : Ideas & Concepts : Why arn't their any animal mmos or games where you play as an animal??) Locked
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Jun 26 2013 Anchor

Say, if someone was to make an animal MMO, where you could be almost all of the well known species. What would you want in it?

My friend and I are having a huge argument over it, because he thinks that everyone wants breeding to be in the game, and for there to be heaps of different fish. I however said that not everyone wants breeding, and that its too difficult for me to code.

So what would you guys want in it? Be as detailed about what you want as possible, because if you're looking for an animal game, your ideas might be considered into a game that is most definitely being created.

Jun 26 2013 Anchor

Well I guess you would just have 3 or 4 different types of fish that act as classes or factions that you would see in common MMOs? You may want to expand on breeding in terms of gameplay. I can't tell if this is a good thing or not as I'm not sure of what your idea is exactly.

Jun 26 2013 Anchor

Well my friends idea is to basically be able to breed with another persons animal of the same species (wolf etc.) and for either..

A computer controlled baby is created, which follows either the male or the female depending on what they do in the wild
You can send out a message to waiting players that can become the baby, but has to stay near either of the parents to survive, and for it to grow in stages before becoming an adult and being able to leave.

The game I'm creating gives the player the ability to be almost all the well known mammals and birds, and have the ability to customize certain colours and looks of the character to their choosing. I didn't really want to add fish (Esspecially ocean creatures as I have thalassophobia (fear of the ocean) which is really uncool when you have to research the animals before you animate them) but my friend insisted that people would want them, so now I am making fish.

I just need ideas on what people would want. We came up with the idea of being able to choose PVP mode in the character creator, where players could choose if they wanted to attack each other for food or whatever...

I really just wanted a RP MMO with the option of PVP to add realism, but now he wants to add Hunters that every player has to watch out for. I dunno, but to him he thinks that everyone wants that.

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Jun 26 2013 Anchor

The breeding thing sounds a bit ridiculous in that sense, and also not too fun? Maybe about as fun as a tamagotchi. An AI baby following you around is essentially just an NPC and I'm not sure how that would be fun to play. I don't think trying to create the real life of a fish is the way to go here. Not for an MMO anyway. Hunters actually sounds like a good idea because it could become more of a survival thing "i must try and get to next safe zone without being killed by random enemy", kinda sounds like Animals Of Farthing Wood Online if it existed. The whole playing as a baby thing could be good but again I can't see how it would be fun in an MMO sense.

Jul 13 2013 Anchor

With Weapons is hard but i know a really cool animal game thats called I,Predator
Its a game there one/many is predators and the others is preys.
Prey: Eat drink run and survive.
Predator: Hunt Eat Drink Work togheter as a team and hunt down a prey.
One server is cheetah Vs antelope (its only one cheetah) and another is Lion Vs Buffalo (its many lions) And one is Shark VS Seal (it can be up to 3 sharks) Site: (you must download the launcher and then I,Predator then like Lion vs Buffalo and then play it (you must download the others too but you only need to download them one time) I hope i helped you :) Good luck at your search after Animal games ;) (and I,Predator is a mmo game and you can use a mic and talk or chat)

Aug 19 2013 Anchor

I don't know what motivation, inspiration and ambition you have for your upcoming game, DreamChaserVIII. But I can tell you what kind of animal mmo I would reallu like to play...

It would have manymany species, and the goal of the game would of course be to survive. Each species would have their own attributes - how they would affect their environment, how they would survive, help eachother as a group, defense/offence, advantage over other species, bonus/damage from environment, etc.

The species could only attack animals they normally would eat(maybe add a starvation mode where they can attack anyone, lots of offence, little defence?), unless they were being attacked or treathened(intrusion on community zone.

The map would consist of different environmental zones, in which different species could make different communal zones, but some few different species could live together in the same commune.

The player can only be one character, but when he dies he can start over on another. Each character levels up. Until a certain level the male can breed with a female character, and the job of the female when she has become a mother is to gather and/or manage community, ration the food, etc. The job of the male is to hunt, gather or protect the community. When the female dies, she respawns as her baby with the level and attributes of the male at the time of breeding.

Fish, birds, insects, etc. I think would add as an environmental attribute, as food for certain species, and certain species would increase or decrease the population of these in certain environments according to species attribute, communal management, character high level bonus attribute, etc.

Also it should be easily mod'ed, so that people can customize what species to have in the game/on server, their attributes,environmental zones, etc. To make it more appealing for obsessive and creative people. Just think of the possibilities! Cats vs. dogs mod/server, ie.

It would all of course be very well balanced, and I would think it would take alot of time and effort to make, but I think it would be really awesome. Maybe you'll get some ideas from this?

Aug 20 2013 Anchor

Reqieumthefallen wrote:Tokyo Jungle. You can even play as a dinosaur.

This is probably the best example of animal based game design.

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