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Feb 14 2017 Anchor

Long story short, I'm making a FPS in Unity. Currently it exists as just a bunch of cubes you can walk around and shoot until they disappear. Obviously to early to show.

However, I'm getting close to the point where I'm going to start dropping models into the game, and I wonder at what point I should start showing it off?

On the one hand, I want to reveal it early in case people want to work on it. On the other, should I keep my cards close to my chest until it's nearly done?

Feb 14 2017 Anchor

When its close to done, its too late imo. I would start showing it to people at the point where it's no longer bare bones. Once you have the mechanics down and working smoothly turn your attention to the graphics. You have basic models and textures, maybe something you would see from the early days of N64. It takes a long time to generate high quality graphics, especially in 3D worlds so you may want to show off the features early and gain a following you can slowly release content to for feedback. I mean, take Halo vs Halo Anniversary edition graphic wise;

When your 'close' to Halo, its time for people to see it.

Feb 14 2017 Anchor

Oddly enough, I want to finished game to resemble a PS1/N64 game. Or more specifically, a late 90s game running in software mode. But I get what you mean.

Feb 19 2017 Anchor

So yeah, once you have things that look very rough. Basic colours and shapes to start with that you can substitute out for better looking models later on. Think Bubsy N64 (it looks horrible) to start with, and maybe Legend of Zelda as the final product.

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