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Jul 22 2014 Anchor

I'm gearing up to work on a project that's still in the planning phase. At present, the game mostly exists on paper.

Question- When is a good time to start asking for feedback?

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Jul 23 2014 Anchor

The way I see it, it depends on what kind of feedback you want to hear. For example, if you show people some concept art, they'll give you feedback on the quality of the art as they can't evaluate anything else.
If you share your story or gameplay ideas people will give you feedback on what they think might be cool or not. But all "thoughts" and "guesses" nothing else.

If however you have a video of gameplay or perhaps a small demo or a prototype, then you'll get a hands on feedback on what you want.

Jul 24 2014 Anchor

In my opinion one should ask for feedback as soon as possible, meaning when you have anything concrete, for example a design document. The thing that matters most, in my opinion of course, is whom you are asking to give you feedback. I would imagine that showing very early WIP stuff to the whole world on the internet while asking for feedback might eventually give the wrong impression of your project. So at the early stages I would ask people you personally know, such as team members, friends or family. Of course they should have some knowledge or interest in the subject to be able to give useful feedback!
Keep in mind though that this is only the opinion of someone that does not have a lot of extensive experience with developing complete game projects by himself.

Jul 24 2014 Anchor

In terms of fanbase growing, ASAP?

But be prepared for feedback so don't get offended and start shouting "IT'S WIP IDIOT!". Upload material that is ready for feedback and outline what in particular is under feedback if not everything in the screenshot reflect your design intention.

Or just do what 99% of people around here do, get your 3 required images from google, write nothing, half-ass everything, set your release date a month from now and forget your project over the weekend...

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