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Feb 18 2014 Anchor


Im just wondering what i am doing wrong here. Is it the pitch? is it the game concept? is it the game art?

I posted my game on steam greenlight as a concept yesterday..we had 11 views. and out of those 11 views 5 of them downvoted our project, without even 1 upvote.


I really cannot figure out where this is coming from, i have dedicated the last 6 months of my life soley to this project, im even betting my future on it.
I think we have some great artists producing quality assets and concept art. Our game concept is pretty unique, its actually very different from all the arena shooters flooding the market..i guess that might be the problem, im not focusing enough on our selling points perhaps.

Anyway, in the coming weeks we'll release a trailer, really close to finishing an awesome trailer now, also going to be pitching our project to VCs and other people with alot of connections...but then again...when i see stuff like this happening when i posted the game on greenlight concepts...i just get flooded with dread, feeling like its all just doomed..and its keeping me up at night.

So whats so bad about our game if so many visitors feel the need to downvote us? Because 5 out of 11 in percentage is pretty damn bad, and i dont see this trend changing without first figuring out what is causing this....
You know, if it was 1 or 2, i might say thats its probably because we dont have a trailer..or that the synopsis needs some tinkering...but 5 out of 11....and no upvotes..that means half doesnt care about voting and the other half doesnt want to see our game. That kinda alarming and meas something is wrong about what we are doing...and im asking this here now, what is it? I need a neutral party to tell me, because perhaps my view of my own project is biased.

SinKing bumps me thread
Feb 18 2014 Anchor

Maybe people think it is redundant. It's hard to say from the description, if the game will be fun and original or terribly repetitive and generic. There is really not much to show for the unique weapons yet, so it is hard to get an impression. That is also odd, because you say there is a prototype. It makes it feel like you are giving more information than what you are willing to share with and show to the public.

Also "Gladiators" has this strong melee vibe, yet I instantly had a shooter game in mind. Maybe just add some better info and a video about what is happening and people will rejoice. Maybe you just had the bad luck of the wrong people browsing the site. The work I see is professional and clean and the designs ain't bad, just a little plain at the moment (shaderwise, in engine). Perhaps it was a bit early for the announcement, too. People always love some good art first and can wait for the models a little longer. Gives them something to fantasize about ^^


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Feb 18 2014 Anchor


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TKAzA Community Manager
Feb 18 2014 Anchor

Id say you need to work on your content more, greenlight if for showing games that are more developed, than what your showing, so the general expectation may differ from a development site like indieDB, were you can add your game, get some eyes and interest early in development, and then move onto greenlight when you have the fanbase to support getting greenlit.

6 months is a short time to have been developing your game, most don't add their games to greenlight, until they are wanting to get published (1+years), what are you trying to achieve is the question that you need to ask yourself.

Feb 19 2014 Anchor

I've had a quick look at the Greenlight page - and there's almost no content there. No offence, but I'm not surprised you're not getting much of a response!

The pitch is fast-paced arena-based deathmatch. I read that as "Quake 3". Fair enough, you've explained your game to me quickly - and I'm tentatively interested. But what else is there? Four screenshots of concept art - none of it, to be honest, particularly exciting. No discussion of, or concepts for, weapons. No mention of unique features. No obviously stand-out art styles or music. I'm pretty sure that Greenlight is full of deathmatch shooters, so you need something to help you stand out from the crowd.

Don't be disheartened by the lack of response (or this message): you've shown very little, and got very little for it. Get that gameplay trailer together to show the game in action; find and promote your unique selling point; and THEN you can expect more of a response.

Also, be aware of your competition - or what other similar games are out there (or in development). Find a way to distance your design from theirs - and make that difference obvious within a few seconds of gameplay footage.

Good luck!

Feb 20 2014 Anchor

Yea thanks for the all the replies. Ill work on improving these things.

I figured that the greenlight concept thingy was something for developers to pitch their products in early production. But i guess contrary to indiedb where alot of people visiting you are actual devs, on greenlight they are the consumers, and they want to see a game, not a collection of concept art. We are working hard on our trailer, and our prototype is shaping up good now. Another reason why im not sharing much of the prototype right now is that its a prototype, its there with all its basic functions, but its not packaged in fancy graphics yet. But we're getting there, seeing weekly improvements. I guess pitching things like unique weapons and gameplay mechanics are best done with a gameplay trailer. I can write down as many crazy ideas as i want, but unless i have something to show for it not many people are going to be interested.

Feb 20 2014 Anchor

Your projects marketing team needs replacing , consider using an outside source such as a public relations firm.
Paying up front for some marketing help may seem expensive but if your gambling for a win its likely going to improve your odds.
(please note i'm not in the field of Public Relations and as such I may have completely misled you into wasting cash on the wrong service
consider this as a layman's opinion and no more then that.)

Feb 21 2014 Anchor

Someone wrote:I can write down as many crazy ideas as i want, but unless i have something to show for it not many people are going to be interested

I think that's half true. I mean, if you're just randomly throwing ideas out onto a page - then sure. People want to see what you're actually making, not a wish-list for your dream game. You need to deliver a consistent and fairly concise image of your game in a marketing pitch.

But on the other hand, you also need to find a way to communicate what makes your arena shooter stand out. If you do have ideas for creative weaponry, or interesting levels or arenas, or game play modes, or player interaction - or whatever - pick a small number of the best ideas and put them front-and-center of your pitch. A small bulleted list of text with things like "Battle with unique weapons, like the Angry Badger Launcher and Hand Cream Dispenser" will help.

Concept art itself is fine because it helps you communicate the game you want to build. But do choose concept art which reflects the most marketable aspect of your game, show stuff that gets people excited. A man in an exoskeleton alone isn't going to generate much response.

I think you are right about Greenlight, though. There's an expectation from consumers to have something a bit more advanced. I think you do need a gameplay video and some in-game screenshots to generate much response there.

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SinKing bumps me thread
Feb 21 2014 Anchor

Now look how popular you've become - N°1 thread on Moddb forums :)


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Feb 21 2014 Anchor

SinKing wrote:Now look how popular you've become - N°1 thread on Moddb forums :)

Ha! See, all it takes is a little bitching and whining :)

Feb 21 2014 Anchor

SinKing wrote:Now look how popular you've become - N°1 thread on Moddb forums :)

Yea, this was all just a marketing move. I call it the whine strategy.

Nah, but seriously, i think marketing and pr are very important, i sometimes wish i had a bit more expertise in this field.... you know, untill a few days ago i figured, make an awesome game, do some press release and sit back and relax was all it took..but then i hear from a very well established production that even they cannot get minor gaming websites to look at their game, simply because they are more intrested in what the big studios are up to. Real life is like a game on hardcore first need to gather alot of experience before proceeding to the next level.....

Ok, when we release the trailer, ill make a thread and complain and whine about nobody giving attention to it, good exposure :). (nah j/k!)

iQew Media & HR Manager
Feb 22 2014 Anchor

I haven't read through all posts, so this may have been said already, but here we go. 5 out of 11 people seems a lot, but never ever just multiply that to predict the future, if you have that low numbers. Show it to 2000 people and if 50% say it's bad, then you can start thinking about what might have gone wrong. The crushing feeling is probably quite harsh right now, but really just show it to more people before building your opinion about it, might just have been the wrong 5 people ;)

Feb 22 2014 Anchor

Yea...your right...actually got some upvotes now. I guess, and in retrospect i feel like an idiot right now, it has alot to do with this thread and people most likely taking pity on me and upvoting on steam (i hope this is not the case..). Well, we were most popular today on steam greenlight concepts...and not doing bad on the weekly ranking. Although people are saying there is very little info about the project. close to finishing the trailer now...its about time we released it, our guys have alot of background in the entertainment industry...problem is that they dont want me to release the trailer unless its triple A quality..its a pain developing with these guys..but it pushes the project for the greater good.

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Feb 23 2014 Anchor

I'm echoing what others have said, but it seems a little premature to be putting this on Steam. The description isn't distinctive, and I'm not able to see what sets your game apart. I am not dismissing the work that you've done, but other than the art, I just can't see it based on that page.

Feb 25 2014 Anchor

I think you need more people to help you, 4 pictures arent enough for what you want to acomplish.

Feb 25 2014 Anchor

championstefan wrote:I think you need more people to help you, 4 pictures arent enough for what you want to acomplish.

We are a team of 6...i think our progress speed is very decent. We actually got a working prototype, making a trailer as we speak...should be done very soon. :)(=

Feb 25 2014 Anchor

My comment is pretty much going to echo what other people have said in the fact that there just isn't much content - I don't mean this in a bad way because the content you do have looks very promising. Good luck with the project :)

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