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SinKing bumps me thread
Sep 12 2013, 6:32pm Anchor

I'm working on my next model, a watertower (heavily) inspired by Chester's Mill, from Under the Dome. Great series, too :)

I could use some suggestions/paintovers on where you would like to see details/rust, etc. I'm also gonna have to add those wires between the poles. I kinda forgot ^^

This is in Marmoset, but Smoothing Groups look and work the same in UDK. Will update with UDK images when finished.

Chester's Mill watertower


User Posted Image

Sep 12 2013, 7:24pm Anchor

Hilt is still slightly crooked, but I can't change that until Nightenscythe redoes the background image. Otherwise it has been revamped. What do you think now?

SinKing bumps me thread
Sep 12 2013, 8:34pm Anchor

Hey Cadh, yeah it is better, especially the font is much more readable. However, it lost a little bit of its silvery shine. And I don't know why you don't use a normal font. It doesn't look better to make up your own, imho.

Here are my thoughts:

- The S on top could be used more in terms of a logo. Play with the S shape(s) to make something recognizable and unique. You can later use that same logo for icon and buttons for your game.

- Try a "normal font" and don't do that double "S" thing on the button. Do it in the logo instead and make your font as readable as possible.

- Play with the spacing until you find you make optimal use of your available canvas.

I made a mockup of it in Photoshop, perhaps it can give you some inspiration. However, it's nice to see you are reacting so positive to criticism, since we are all here to help and support each other.


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User Posted Image

Sep 13 2013, 3:28pm Anchor

Actually, except for the double S, that is one of the default fonts in Photoshop CS3.

Nice image btw. Hey, you wanna enter it in our cover/box-art contest?

The prizes are a free copy of the game when it is done, a short story about your OCs written by me and digital art by a couple of our members who are very skilled.

Dragonlord Linux-Dragon of quick wit and sharp tongue
Sep 13 2013, 4:45pm Anchor

You might not have noticed it but that double S is the very same font as the text below.


User Posted Image
Leader, Head Programmer: Epsylon | Drag[en]gine Game Engine

User Posted Image by Salohcin

Sep 13 2013, 4:55pm Anchor

His is? Yeah, I saw.

Why do you guys not like the angular nested double "S" anyway? I and most of my team love it. At least the cleaned up version of it.

Sep 13 2013, 9:47pm Anchor

That sounded more than a little defensive, just FYI.

But in the interest of actually being constructive:

It's a combination of the font itself being visually unattractive as well as the way it is used. The shapes of the font are 'off' for lack of a better word at this time and the shading used on it is WAY too harsh, to the point of, for me at least, being a little uncomfortable to look at. The double S is a little confusing (which 's' goes where, etc.). Overall, the font just does not fit visually or thematically with the rest of the poster.

Sinking's mock up, on the other hand, is both more pleasant to look at and fits with the rest of the image better.

While I'm not suggesting to do what he did exactly, I would suggest experimenting in that direction. I'd also suggest doing so using thumbnails so that you won't spend as much time on each iteration (especially if you decide to craft your own font rather than using a pre-defined font).


I snark, therefore, I am.

User Posted Image
The reason behind this banner will be revealed in due time....

Sep 14 2013, 1:44am Anchor

One thing for the logo of Silver Symbiosis, would be some texture and less harsh bevel.
Something like this might work for a bit inspiration:

Or something a bit like the new Star Trek logo:
Of course not the same font thickness, or as 3D as that, but it looks metalic with that texture.
Getting a good logo can take quite some iterations till you got just the perfect one.


Started getting more work done on a game prototype since the new cryengine release.
Early Prototype

Still some errors to sort out, got some issue with shading on the meshes since updating, and environment maps need to be updated. Some odd issue with using the road tool and my own transparent texture. Just putting more into maps, while I await for the code and docs on character authoring.

SinKing bumps me thread
Sep 14 2013, 9:45am Anchor

Yay! I finished my watertower and put it in UDK. I might have a bit much specularity going on, but I really wanted to pump some areas with that. Pretty happy about it, except these wires between poles are missing and I didn't plan on feet. Planned to burry the bottom of it.

chester's mill watertower UDK

@Cadh: I regret a little having made this mockup, since it doesn't really go your direction/style. I can kind of imagine what kind of fantasy-sci-fi blend you are trying to achieve with the font. And I just made some random effects font.


User Posted Image

Sep 14 2013, 5:26pm Anchor

Thanks for all the feedback guys! It is nice to talk with different people about it and actually have them understand.

I'm waiting on the new poster to put in the background in the "About
Silver Symbiosis" webcasts and am working on character dialog and boss
intros. My team is currently working on programming the engine, writing
the theme music, and making the 3D models.

@ SinKing
I thought it looked nice, not what I would do, but nice.
The judges for our little contest do not include me anyway. I got some industry professionals I know to do it. Programmers, animators, etc...

As to the "Fantasy-scifi blend", well you kinda hit the storyline on the head with that comment. It is supposed to be post-apocalyptic fantasy, sort of like Terry Brooks' "Shannara" books.

Silver Symbiosis: The problem with giving you the storyline is that it branches according to the player's decisions and the branching storyline makes it hard to give a particular one in any detail, but to sum it all up a machine malfunctioned and ripped holes in the space/time continuum and between alternate realities, including Heaven and Hell.

In addition to mortal creatures coming through and trying to get home, raid, or establish trade routes, Satan is also trying to come through and he is sending his soldiers through ahead of him.

You need to eliminate any and all demons you encounter and find the portal to Hell, defeat Satan in all 3 of his forms, and seal the portal in order to save ALL worlds.

It takes place on Earth in the future where/when the laws of reality have changed. Fossil fuels are useless. Due to this global economies crashed when oil became useless/worthless. Since then they have had about 20 years or so to recover but the balance of power has shifted irreparably in the mean time. Chemical propellants and explosives no longer function and military superpowers (USA, China, etc..) have lost their military superiority when their weapons and vehicles stopped functioning

In poor areas technology has regressed back to the level it was at in the 1700’s and transportation is via pack animals while in rich areas technology has progressed forward to the point that laser rifles are commonplace and all transportation is via electric vehicles, primarily hovercraft.

The game's main characters are twin brother and sister in their mid-teens, only one is playable, which that is depends on the gender selected at the start of the game.
The eye and hair color(after the fusion with the symbiote) of the main(player) character is metallic silver. Before that both hair and eye color are mahogany brown.

Rifts have opened all over the globe allowing creatures from other realities to come into our world. These creature have a multitude of goals and attitudes. Some of these creatures want to go home but cannot (ex. Dragon). Others want to establish interdimensional trade routes (ex. Gnolls). Some want to raid our world for resources not available in theirs (ex. Rock-Goblins and wood). Some want to destroy for the sake of destruction (ex. Wraith). Some want to conquer our world

The energy the rifts are giving off have awoken beings long thought fictional, such as Gaia, the spirit of the planet itself. The final rift to open leads to Hell itself and Satan(the final boss) is coming through.

You use an Psion-Sword(energy-blade) and Psion-Shield(energy shield) to fight. You also use a variety of magic-like abilities gained from befriending certain of the boss-creatures. You can negotiate with many supposed “enemy” creatures for trade and new skills, including just about ½ the Bosses(Fusion skills) and the Rock-Goblins and Gnolls(potions, gems, and precious metals)

You use 4 skill sets,
Personal(ex. “Hunt”, “Fish”, “Snipe”, etc…) Level-up through use
Psionic(“Psion-Sword”, “Psion-Shield”, and “Psion-Tether”) Level-up through “Upgrade” items
Fusion(ex. “Fire-Resistance”, “Aqua-Breath”, “Shape-Shift”, etc…) Level-up through use
Fusion-Combo(ex. “Glass-Storm”, “Scald”, “Sucking Mud”, etc…) Level-up through use, cannot exceed lowest level “Fusion” skill component

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Sep 15 2013, 10:22am Anchor

Sep 17 2013, 3:26pm Anchor

Why does this remind me of AudioSurf and WinAmp? :D


User Posted Image

Sep 19 2013, 2:17pm Anchor

In addition to the team project "Silver Symbiosis", I also do the occasional personal project in RPGMaker.

"Evan's Journey 2 - Demo" on

2D RPG made with RPGMaker VX Ace.


101 maps (includes buildings in that number)

Storyline synopsis:
Evan, his sister Aina, an their friend R.G. defeated the Beast of Fire (end of the first game) and blacked out. Next thing they know they are waking up on the roof of a mountain inn. R.G. has always worn full samurai armor, including the mask. Now his helmet and mask are gone as is his left eye. The injury is mostly healed but he has no idea what happened.

They quickly find that they are in another world entirely. Somehow, during the time none of them remember, they were summoned to another world an it is up to them to find out what happened and why.

Sep 23 2013, 4:57am Anchor


SinKing bumps me thread
Sep 23 2013, 5:29am Anchor

@Chris - nice looking PC and clean normal map bake! I often wonder what's a good way to do keyboard UVs. I mean, did you map all the buttons onto a plane on the UV, did you model out blocks (seems so), or do you map them individually (seems too much). I like those keys, smooth bake, baby!

...maybe we should start adding wireframes and UVs. On the other hand, this is only a showcase. So - well done! Is it an old Apple computer?


User Posted Image

Sep 23 2013, 6:33am Anchor

It's an old Commodore, The keys on the lowpoly model are blocks following the outline of each key 'island'. Best way to do so I reckon :) About the keyboard uv, it's a nightmare, with all those side planes mapped out seperate it gets real crouded.. but it does the job so meh :p when I got the whole thing textured I'll post final pics and some wires and textures to go with it!

TKAzA Community Manager
Sep 23 2013, 9:23am Anchor

The lighting really shows off the quality of the work, bloody fantastic!

Sep 24 2013, 3:42am Anchor

That would be all

SinKing bumps me thread
Sep 24 2013, 6:35am Anchor

Hey, that looks good!

I think the only thing I would have done different is merge those two edges in the center of the screen (front). I don't see why there need to be 2 rows, instead of one in the middle.

So now it is in mint condition. I remember those Commodore cases, they really got ugly yellow and brown after some years of use. There'd probably also be some edgewear and scratches on the thing. It's really looking good in its clean state, but a more personalized version, full of stickers and scratches and dirt would also look really interesting to me. Did you find a perfect photo of the back of it, or how did you texture that part? Looks very accurate!


User Posted Image

TwinBeast Full Metal Bionic Wizard
Sep 24 2013, 9:04pm Anchor

Chris.Y: Shouldn't the screen have some vertical curve too? And maybe some light glare on it too. Other than that, it's looking pretty realistic.


Still working on this.. changed the jetpack into some wing things, made the hip things longer. Optimized the polycount and added fingers. Also it got a simple color & ambient occlusion texture. It could probably work without the AO too, or at least I need to redo it with all the parts separated a bit. Maybe I add some spike things on the wings and remove some polys from the elbows. It's 1234 tris.

User Posted Image

Well, here's another pic of it.. 912 tris, better AO bake and posed with a skeleton... Almost ready for animations, just needs some fine tuning on the bones, etc.

User Posted Image

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SinKing bumps me thread
Sep 29 2013, 1:38pm Anchor

@Jimi - your character looks a little 70's-ish on the bottom to me. At first glance these could be heeled boots and belly bottom pants. I like the upper part, but the lower leg looks a bit unusual. And even though it may be anatomically wrong, he might look better with smaller feet.

You rigged the wings? Are they going to animate to swing down when he flies fast? I like that. I'm not sure about how you rigged the feet there. Seems a bit too high, but if it works, great!

I made a test today. 20 Minute model + Uv map and then Ndo2 and Photoshop ftw! This was by far the fastest way for me to create environments, and I needed no Highpoly at all. I think I will finish the rest of the oldschool "skyscraper" and then see if I want to stick to this method:


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User Posted Image

Sep 29 2013, 1:59pm Anchor

Trying to organize a blasted contest. Due to lack of entries I extended the deadline from tomorrow to Dec. 31st. Hoping to get some good entries.

As to the RPGMaker chain-game project, I finished my section and am now attempting to organize the project so the other devs don't all try doing the same section.

Still writing dialog and boss intros for Silver Symbiosis.

TwinBeast Full Metal Bionic Wizard
Sep 29 2013, 4:42pm Anchor

I think he's got some diving suit type of clothing under the more bulkier armor pieces. Yea, maybe the feet are a bit too long.

I was thinking the wings would raise and point to the back when he flies/jumps. I'm also thinking the wings and hipwings could be an item player needs to find. Or at least the flying ability would be somewhat limited at the start.

And nice looking building. Maybe some windows could be without the shades.

I made some item model. Inspired by the breast armor piece of Xena. Not yet sure what it will do. I'll do something about hiding that seam in the middle...

User Posted Image

And then I did some work on making a Princess from the earlier character... could have some more changes later.

User Posted Image

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Oct 2 2013, 7:23pm Anchor

Gun textures. I'm not an artist, but I'm fairly pleased with how this one came out (especially the bump map)

User Posted Image

Arcones I don't even know...
Oct 3 2013, 5:03pm Anchor

Quite pretty, well done!

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