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TKAzA Community Manager
Aug 7 2013, 10:59pm Anchor

Its not bad if you need to get a overall shape of a model, or want to test something real fast.
I think the effects look great. Emissive textures?

@ Flash112
I'm loving the teeth on the helmet, it looks a bit thin at the top, have you tried putting the helmet over a base head to get proportions?

Re: Scans: Yes for the most part scans work out the box.
Ill be making a detailed blog post when i get some time, heres a quick image of how i get the scans workable.

The scans are made with Kinect Fusion, that comes in the 1.7 Kinect SDK

I then use meshlab to close any small holes and perform a basic cleanup, before importing the model as a shell into 3D Coat
I'm then free to cap further holes, fill the mesh with volume and sculpt away.

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Aug 8 2013, 1:46am Anchor

@TkAzA Thanks! It does fit, but yes, I agree on it looking a bit thin, so I'll probably edit it a bit...
--- Also, how big the scannable objects can be? I mean, can you scan a whole vehicle?


Think It. Sketch It. Create It. Repeat. 
User Posted Image

Blur. 2D Artist
Aug 8 2013, 4:56am Anchor

I finised this a bit back, but still, first post on the forums so I guess this would be alright. I scaled the picture down since the original was far too huge.

FN Browning


This guy is lazy and spends half his time doing nothing

TwinBeast Full Metal Bionic Wizard
Aug 9 2013, 5:38pm Anchor

Thankses :) No bloom, no emissive textures.. Though the acid tanks could have some glow, since the acid projectiles have dynamic lights and halos.

Flash112: I like the bolts/nuts.. makes me want to make some metal texture with bolts..

TKAzA: How long time does it take to scan something?

Blur.: Nice looking worn texture, although maybe it's a bit too worn?


I made some ammo items.. There's bullets, shells and "rockets". The rockets could be changed a bit, maybe model each one separately or have some cap at the top? The others are more or less ok. Maybe I make some other stuff first. My plan is to get some small standalone demo released in some month or two.

User Posted Image

And some blurred action with the flying monsters:

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TKAzA Community Manager
Aug 9 2013, 9:38pm Anchor

@ Jimbo

That fast. :)

@ Flash
With a powerful laptop and a long power cable or generator anything is scannable, cars, house boat?
I have a pretty hard core rendering rig and it struggles with scans that take to long, off loading to a cuda card though would result in better more dense scans. ATI in this case was a bad call. :(

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Dragonlord Linux-Dragon of quick wit and sharp tongue
Aug 10 2013, 6:43am Anchor

How does it actually work? I mean for 3D reconstruction you need to know where the camera is and the camera parameters. That sensor delivers RGBD. Has the camera to be fixed or the object or does it somehow track camera position and orientation somehow?


User Posted Image
Leader, Head Programmer: Epsylon | Drag[en]gine Game Engine

User Posted Image by Salohcin

Aug 11 2013, 3:06am Anchor

I did this for the VGRemix competition on PolyCount.

Thread here

Blur. 2D Artist
Aug 11 2013, 9:59am Anchor

I have a friend who's entering the same competition but the Zelda thing. Looking good though.

Here's some mod work, I'm thinking on calling it done, it's being a bitch.


This guy is lazy and spends half his time doing nothing

TwinBeast Full Metal Bionic Wizard
Aug 13 2013, 12:55am Anchor

TKAzA: Ok, that's pretty fast... :)

formerlyknownasMrCP: Looks like the vending machine will now give orange :P A CAKE!

Blur.: Looking good. What's the texture resolution?


Made some new monster, texture and uv map are a bit wip. Also not animated yet. It could come in a few different colors and different colors would have different ranged attack. Later some of them might be replaced with totally different characters.

User Posted Image



Aug 13 2013, 2:28am Anchor

J_C_A wrote:
formerlyknownasMrCP: Looks like the vending machine will now give orange :P A CAKE!

heh. The cake was a result of "oh I did all this trouble to model the statue of liberty only to realize my characters were going to be ridiculously small compared to it. So I made the statue smaller than the characters instead.. I feel it worked better.

Aug 16 2013, 5:43am Anchor

I've had some free time to work on oberon's court, and finally got some decent amount of coding done,..

here's the result from the last 3 weeks of work

this shows the AI pathfinding, Squad controls, Unit spawning, and optimised graphics for mobile (running at 40fps steady on ym note II)

here's a quick screengrab

squad control

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Aug 16 2013, 6:55am Anchor

nice style, I really like it

Aug 16 2013, 8:01am Anchor

I agree with Rimau, the style is great. Also, the dragon moves so well, you often you see dragons movement being really jerky and rigid. Great job

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Aug 16 2013, 2:14pm Anchor

*dies laughing at the VG Remix Deus Ex picture*

Aug 18 2013, 12:37pm Anchor

Messing around with WebGL in the browser. Pure js

Couple crude examples:

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Aug 23 2013, 4:00am Anchor

Zombie Model WIP
ombie Model

RealApprentice Mighty pirate!
Aug 24 2013, 6:14am Anchor

User Posted Image

Just tinkering with textures in Jedi Academy, based on my original map for Elite Force . . .


User Posted Image

Aug 27 2013, 7:44pm Anchor

@muppetpuppet: that is looksing great! :)

Niteshade 3D Artist and aspiring Technical Artist
Aug 28 2013, 7:00am Anchor

Art test for a job application. Finished it a 1,5 day ago.

Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, xNormal, Marmoset Toolbag. Diffuse map only.
Full size:

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Aug 28 2013, 3:53pm Anchor

Thanks guys, I've just finished the combat resolution code.. set it up for all kinds of special abilities , vampirism, rage, first strike and such..
Next step is designing and implementing a readable unit interface (without textures). And proper state feedback..
Already dismissed a bunch of designs, so its gonna be tricky.

Also changed the enviroment shading a bit, it was get a bit to colourfull on the whole..

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Aug 30 2013, 4:39pm Anchor

Finaly, the first in-game screenshot:
Rascal Rider first in-game screenshot
And it will only get better :)

TwinBeast Full Metal Bionic Wizard
Aug 30 2013, 8:10pm Anchor

muppetpuppet: I think I liked it more when it was more orange/saturated. Maybe bring some of it back?

shindig: Nice space stuff there. The grassy asteroids are kinda funny looking.

rimau: Reminds me of Spawn and Deadpool. Looks pretty cool.


Some texture stuff I've done recently...

User Posted Image

User Posted Image



MtM0201 Composer
Aug 30 2013, 11:10pm Anchor

Lately I've been working on the soundtrack for this game (was shown at E3 this year!) . The trailer music is from one of the E3 demo levels. All of the music is either being reworked or built upon.

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Aug 31 2013, 7:57pm Anchor

hehe, more orange, I think that's possible.. Seeing as I had to throw out the mobile bloom shader (got a new galaxy s4, and it really crashed hard on any full screen shader fx).. So I had to rework a lot of stuff. And noticed that fps was really crap on it as well. So went to optimizing, and replaced the hardware fog with a simple geometry effect. So there's truly no textures anymore (the bloom RT was the last one I guess).

I'll post some updates soon, been getting stuck on interfaces, without textures you wind up with lots of primary color flat surfaces, which doesn't fit the game very well,. so a bit of grrr..

Sep 2 2013, 2:09pm Anchor

cruck speed adventures 3d 3rd person!


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