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Jul 21 2013 Anchor

Hey everybody. For the longest time I have been wanting to learn how to make games. The thing is. I really don't know where to start at all. I've been told many things but the most common response I've seen is that C++ is the best language to learn if you want to make it in the gaming industry.

Anyways. I wanted to create a mod base on the anime "Attack on Titan" Now Obviously having very little knowledge on programming or modding I do not know where to start. I understand that I can't learn this over night and it will A LOT of time and dedication to do. So I decided to start in small steps. The first thing I want to do is model the gear that I would be making.

  • So here is a simple list of questions I have
  • Should I learn C++?
  • What is the best place to learn C++? (There are so many websites I have no idea which is the best)
  • What are some good free programs for 3D modeling that can be imported into the source engine?
  • Other advice you guys could offer me?

    I really would love to actually stick with this mod because this idea has seemed liked so much fun to me. Any help would be GREATLY apperciated

Garrador Modder
Jul 21 2013 Anchor

Well, most definetly you want to learn C++ if you want to do these things yourself. But, learning through modding is by so far the worst way to learn C++ in general, tbh, as the source engine is built WITH C++, but has its own syntax and ways to do things. Ways you can only understand if you really understand C++.

So, my first set of recommendations are:

1. Read C++ for dummies, or another C++ starter book. Go through it a few times whilst programming simple applications to "burn" stuff to memory, and get used to writing code

2. When you get a good grasp of things, and you understand the basics (that could take a while, so be patient), I'd personally recommend Scott meyers' "Effective C++" and "More effective C++". They are great for honing your skills, and providing you with information on how to write good code, as well as fail-safing it, to some extent.

3. Ask yourself how you'd like to implement the base functionality of the mod. Do you know atleast 2/3's of that answer? In programming terms, that is.
If you feel really comfortable with C++, and you know you can manage a cluttered SDK like source, you should start off reading the SDK documentation and try to implement some basic features. I would still recommend, even if you're efficient and well-taught, that you "try out" the features of the engine first. Learn the ropes, if you will.

It's hard to give an accurate answer. Subscribe to mailing lists, joing a forum (i.e: interlopers) and ask questions as they arise. But do not venture off with a full conversion mod if you have no idea where to start, and if you don't know programming and game-programming from before.

As you might have noticed or picked up on, programming is a generic thing. Its what you apply it to, that makes the difference. Game programming has other priorities and limits than you would have with a media library for instance. So start with the language itself, and then "specialize" on game programming later.

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Jul 21 2013 Anchor

are books the best way to go? Aren't there websites that give the same thing?

Garrador Modder
Jul 21 2013 Anchor

I'd recommend books, as they have a specific goal and a good structure. There are websites with tutorials and whatnot, but I myself got the most out of books. These can of course be downloaded as e-books, and read on your computer as any website would.

Jul 21 2013 Anchor

Do you have any recommendations on free ones? I don't want to just "pirate" an e-book

Garrador Modder
Jul 22 2013 Anchor

I'm afraid not. I bought these books myself, and liked the pace and structure of them all. Of course, in between you go tutorial-hunting, and/or just fiddle with some apps.

Check out cplusplus website. Tutorials on most concepts and features there, but like I said, not a dedicated book, so to speak.

Nov 21 2013 Anchor

1. The New Boston, great website for programming and cool guy in
2.softimage mod tool(you can download it here on moddb through a mirror) or 3dds max or maya
3.source sdk

Kothen wrote: are books the best way to go? Aren't there websites that give the same thing?

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