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Jul 30 2012 Anchor

The Harmonia project consists of two main elements: an online TRPG (Tactical Role-playing Game) set in the Kingdom of Harmonia, and a robust game engine built for custom content and modding.

The game casts you as leader of a band of heroes fighting alongside other players' forces. Your battalion explores the world, traverses large dungeons, completes quests, and engages in strategic combat against other armies on the battlefield. As you complete areas of the game, you unlock new classes, races, flair, and abilities for your characters and your account. Gameplay is a blend of turn-based tactical RPGs like Shining Force and FF Tactics and a faster-paced hero-focused game like Warcraft or DOTA.

Behind the game, Harmonia is also a platform for players and developers to create their own games hosted on their own servers. The Harmonia engine allows all of the game's assets, including zones, character classes, and abilities, to be modified using a lightweight, flexible scripting language. These scripts are open for anyone to edit, and can be modified and recompiled while the server is running, allowing designers to tweak their creations even while playing them. In this way Harmonia provides an infinitely moddable tactical RPG engine.

Together these elements create an online gaming experience with limitless possibilities. Once a player completes all of the content on the official Harmonia servers, they have the option to either create their own content and run their own server, or join one of many unofficial servers hosted by the community and explore player-made content. This opens the game up for endless expansion as we, the developers, take notice of top-quality player-made content and integrate it into our official servers if the creator so desires.

Harmonia began as a multiplayer rogue-like, but the team is hard at work converting it to a newer (but still appropriately retro) 3D engine. We are approaching a Kickstarter to help fund some actual artwork, good writing, a soundtrack, etc. Right now the game is only playable through the telnet interface for which it was originally written but do have a look at some of our development media to see what it will become.

Video Demos
Development Blog

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Aug 21 2012 Anchor

Just released the latest development build, with support for Mac OSX! :D From the site:

Harmonia v0.0.2 pre2
Mac OSX (10.6+): Link
Windows/Linux: Link


  • 3D Map Viewer Feature
  • Resize features for Windows build
  • Windows mouse cursor changes for moving/resizing windows.
  • Improved logging for error detection.
  • Internal code reworking for compatibility and stability.
  • Program icon for Windows build.
  • Version displayed in the corner.

Also, we have a staff now! It's not finalized yet, but the team has now grown to five members, including two artists and someone dedicated to promotion full-time while the Kickstarter is underway. Pretty exciting stuff!

It's been a busy week in development! First off, we've hired a new artist, Takae Saito, who is working on some amazing character art. You can see a sample of her work in our new logo:

New Harmonia Logo (8/28/12)

In development news, we've made vast improvements to our sprite and graphic engines, including new textures, the tile editor, NPC dialogue, damage effects, and more. It's available in our latest video, here on IndieDB or on YouTube:

The latest download is available on IndieDB and our homepage here:

- Harmonia v0.0.3 Download (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux32)

Please consider donating our Kickstarter campaign. We've been developing Harmonia full-time over the Summer and we've made very significant progress: July Screenshot. Game development is expensive and requires an enormous amount of hard work and dedication. The money will be spent for commissioning assets (graphics, sound, music) and keeping ourselves alive during the long development process. Thank you!

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