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Mar 22 2012 Anchor

Hello everyone,

This is our first game, we are using Unity 3D (indie/free version).
We are also using Blender and GIMP, since they are all free.

About us:
The team currently has three members.
Our Game Development Group is called Drunken Lizard Games.

Follow us on:
Facebook : DrunkenLizardGames (Facebook)
Youtube : DrunkenLizardGames (Youtube)

About the Game:
We are trying to create a singleplayer and multiplayer experience, including realistic gameplay, animations and physics.
We already have the story planned, but we can't share it at the moment.
We will be doing a Multiplayer Alpha in the future.

Hope you like our game, and please leave a comment and feedback.

We are already at update #19.
Here is the latest Video Update:

Here are some ScreenShots:

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TheTon TheTon
Mar 23 2012 Anchor

i'd play it.


Time spent waiting is time spent wasting-Silver Unknown

Mar 23 2012 Anchor

Wow! This looks great!. But your walls and some other textures look a little to "clean". Maybe some traces of use on the Weapon would also make the whole look more "real". Keep up the great work and im going to buy it!
Btw: Less reflection makes it Low-End-compactible and try to fake some shadows, cuz dynamic shadows look great and all but cost a LOT of perfomance. If you want to know how to fake shadows, just take a look at Minecraft!

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Mar 25 2012 Anchor

New Update #20:

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Facebook Page:


Changes in this Update:
- Dummies now walk torwards you (Note: this is just for testing)
- New Weapon Shader
- New Skin Shader
- Every Weapon animations were recreated from scratch
- First steps in multiplayer

Mar 26 2012 Anchor

Nice stuff! I have watched your progress since a while ago on YouTube(found your videos as related to other Unity ones). Keep up the good work!

Nemesis@zombotec wrote: Btw: Less reflection makes it Low-End-compactible and try to fake some shadows, cuz dynamic shadows look great and all but cost a LOT of perfomance. If you want to know how to fake shadows, just take a look at Minecraft!

They are using Unity3D free, which has no dynamic shadows. All shadows that you see are baked lightmaps, so they have no performance hit. You can have dynamic shadows only in the Pro version of Unity3d.

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Mar 26 2012 Anchor

really nice work...but the gun looks a little plain...just my thought...keep up the good work.....!!

I game hard, I code harder

Apr 11 2012 Anchor

Hello Eveyone!

New Update #21

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Facebook Page:


Changes in this Update:
- MultiPlayer.

Hello again!

We made a new Speed modelling video of a new weapon that will be added to our game

Check it out:

New Update#22!!!

Changes in this Update:
- New Part of the map
- New Blood Screen Effect
- New Weapon (M4A1)
- New Attachments (Flashlight and laser pointer)
- New Effect when bullets hits metal objects
- Fixed zooming in glitch
- 3D laser pointer
- Laser doesn't go through walls
- Laser affects Player's view
- Flashlight affects Player's view
- Improved 3rd person animations and movement
- Many fixes.

New Update!

Changes in this Update:
- New In-Game menu,
- New real time 3D weapon costumization menu,
- New weapon statistics system (mobility, range, damage, recoil, fire rate, accuracy),
- New surface type system
- Improved fire rate,
- Improved player's movement,
- Improved Recoil,
- Improved Zooming in,
- Random spawnpoints,
- New footstep sounds,
- Improved multiplayer experience,
- Many small improvements and bug fixes.

New Update #24

Changes in this Update:
- New Weapon Sight (ACOG);
- Death Notification System;
- Animation when falling from a greater height;
- Improved Recoil System;
- Test Map at night;
- New system for changing firing type (Single, Burst, Auto);
- New and more enhanced parkour system;
- This system also allows to jump through windows;
- LOD now works on multiplayer;
- Many Small bug fixes and improvements;

Jun 13 2012 Anchor

This is look really nice! It's quite impressive, has a ton of detail, and it's obvious you're putting a lot of work into it. Fantastic work so far.

Aug 20 2012 Anchor

Asset Creation Part 1 - 3D Modelling

This is the first video of a 3 part Asset Creation series!
This 3 Part Asset Creation series will show every step we take when we created an asset!

Part 1 - 3D Modelling
Part 2 - Mesh Optimization and UV Unwraping
Part 3 - Ambient Occlusion bake and Texturing

Aug 20 2012 Anchor

Hey question... What is the final poly count on your weapons before normal map bake?


Aug 22 2012 Anchor

Hey, Great Job on your game - I am really loving how it is coming along.

However I do have some constructive criticism for you guys -

1. Add some more Unique player meshes. Not sure if the ones you have are final...
2. Make some more open levels with vehicles - I would love this and am sure others would too. Think Arma Series here.
3. Make a IndieDB profile - I would love to follow your game.



Aug 22 2012 Anchor

Asset Creation Part 2 - UV Unwraping & Mesh Optimization


1: The player models are for testing purposes only, we will make various soldiers and maybe character customization;
2: We are currently making a new multiplayer map that will be much bigger, more detailed and more varied;
3: We still haven't decided a name for the game, that's why we still don't have our game in the IndieDB database.

Hope that awnsered every question :)
If you have more please ask.

Aug 22 2012 Anchor

@ Eskovas - Yes you answered my question quite well :)

BTW I would pay money just to know how to UV Unwrap / Model like you guys!

Aug 24 2012 Anchor

Here it is! The final video of this Asset Creation series

[ GIMP ] Asset Creation Part 3 - Texturing and AO Bake

Aug 30 2012 Anchor

Looks fantastic, I would play it :D

Sep 9 2012 Anchor

New Update #27

Changes in this Update:
- New reflex sight;
- All new animations for every weapon;
- New firing system;
- New recoil system;
- The more you fire, less acurate is the weapon. It all depends on the weapon's recoil and accuracy stats;
- Improved and optimized bullet physics;
- New and improved Zooming-in system
- Many improvements and bug fixes.

Jan 6 2013 Anchor

So what makes this game different from other FPS games? The big question.

I see there is some focus on realism. I miss those games (hint SWAT 4).
How much realism you guys plan to add and how far you think you are CAPABLE of going?

Anyways, looking good!

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