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May 29 2007 Anchor

Im having problem. I dont know if its a bug or not, but i've made it to the workshop in the mine, where you need to get the string for the explosives and stuff, but I CANT grab the box of string, or do anything with it. I can only examine it. Anyone else having this problem in Penumbra?

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Jun 1 2007 Anchor

not the answer I was looking for :(



Jun 1 2007 Anchor

Yay for spam! :rolleyes: Sticky, you so crazy. lol

I'd recommend posting on the Penumbra forums, since a lot of us have not played the game before:


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Jun 2 2007 Anchor

OH, you must then, its pretty cool.



Sep 24 2007 Anchor

Weird.. I have to constantly unlock this every day. Maybe this post will help stop that.

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Jan 12 2008 Anchor

One of the best adventure games of good old DOS times is now completely free! Check it out:


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Jan 12 2008 Anchor

I did enjoy that game. Probably one of the few decent Cyberpunk games of old :)

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