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methy Is he black, is he not?
Sep 19 2006, 11:12pm Anchor

On a related note, leaked Grand Theft Auto IV screens.

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Sep 19 2006, 11:13pm Anchor

Rofl, pwned.

Dulac Creative Mind
Sep 20 2006, 2:11am Anchor
Jan 18 2007, 4:39pm Anchor

Didn't really notice it was locked :nervous:

Knytt is a pretty cool game.

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leilei The person who doesn't like anything
Jan 18 2007, 5:09pm Anchor
Dulac wrote:S.C.O.U.R.G.E Open-source and moddable ^^.

what open source game isn't moddable?


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Sticky I'm pretty awesome.
Mar 11 2007, 9:57pm Anchor
::idiot:: village ^
Mar 12 2007, 12:40am Anchor

God damn, I played for like an hour. and then just game over. I mean where the hell wsa teh save game option...


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Wraiyth That Guy Who Does Those Things With The Stuff
Mar 12 2007, 12:44am Anchor

This isn't an upcoming game, but it looks like that sometime in the near future One Must Fall: Battlegrounds may be going GPL. A pretty decent engine with a unique way of modding, but a not very popular game :(

Mar 12 2007, 2:09am Anchor

The IGF Winners were announced last Thursday. You can check out the list of winners and links to their home pages with demos here:

My favorites? Aquaria, Samorost 2, Everyday Shooter, and And Yet It Moves. I recommend checking those four out first! :)

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"He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster."
- Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, Aphorism 146

Mar 14 2007, 5:44pm Anchor

De Blob is a decent game too. Don't really know if most of these games are "underdog" though. I usually confuse any indie game to be that ;)

Capital88 Bohican
Mar 14 2007, 6:01pm Anchor

I just played the demo for Penumbra Overture, and despite the dated graphics, it was really interesting! I recommend anyone a fan of innovative design and interfacing check it out. It feels like a perfect blend between First Person Shooter and Traditional Adventure game.


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JoeX111 Tilting at windmills
Mar 14 2007, 6:31pm Anchor

I thought I posted De Blob on here ages ago. Either way, it's great fun, though it tends to give me a headache after a while.

And I love Knytt. I could play that game for days.

Edit: Just glanced through the IGF list. Toblo looks like great fun.

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TwinBeast FBI Man
Mar 26 2007, 11:42am Anchor

I just played some One Must Fall 2097. I played it in the tournament mode, with rehit mode turned on from the advanced gameplay options.. I also chose the Heavy Metal difficulty. Bah! Most people from the North American Open I kicked almost flawless. The unranked challenger Iceman after kicking Raven's Pyros... didn't even hit me, but at one point some airplane shot one bullet at me, which made my robot's health drop to 99 from 100. Raven sucked almost as bad as the Iceman. First loss happend in Katushai Challenge, when I met the first opponent with Gargoyle... now those Gargoyles are kicking my ass :P but I'll be winning them sometimes too :D Every other bot so far has been sucky shit against my Jaguar.. which now also has one special enhancement.. every bot can have 2 of them... they make special moves better :D JEjejeje :D


Quote:How about I give you the phonecall and you give me my finger!
Mar 26 2007, 11:44am Anchor

My brother always preffered shadow.... Allthough the thing is good and fast, I just liked flail more :D



TwinBeast FBI Man
Mar 26 2007, 1:44pm Anchor

I like Katana and Jaguar the best. Shadow is cool too, but when you boost the leg speed to the max.. then it gets kinda boring... then all you need to do is front kick.. or back kick, probably just as fast :P


Quote:How about I give you the phonecall and you give me my finger!
Mar 26 2007, 1:46pm Anchor

Heh, the shadow is pretty whorage in the electric fence arena :D



TwinBeast FBI Man
Mar 27 2007, 2:46pm Anchor

Anyone played a game named SATAN? I have it somewhere.. it's so weird game, that you needed to insert the disk into the disk drive and then restart your computer and then the game starts... It's some platform game happening in some hellish place... really hard I think... let's see if I can find it somewhere :P

EDIT: Whoo :D I just played it with DOSBox. It was so hard, I only got to level 2 twice... But it's definitely cool. The player character is some Conan The Barbarian looking guy and he can shoot some magic missiles. He can run, jump and climb some things up and down...

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Quote:How about I give you the phonecall and you give me my finger!
migb Idea Generator 1.0
May 28 2007, 2:18pm Anchor
Rambo1234 wrote:i think one of the main problems are reviewers. I could never understand how someone (singular) could review a game and then put a number from one to ten to show how much THEY enjoyed it. Obviously you have the normal 'graphics' 'sound' 'gameplay' within the review but everyone is different in terms of what they like in a game and what the deem to be 'good gameplay'. I know i few people that dont actually want to buy a game because it had crap reviews. I tend to read the player reviews mainly as the players give you a more or less general idea as to the how great the game is/was. Otherwise, i skip the website's review, as sometimes they get it horribly wrong. Hence why so many games are 'underdogs' when in fact they shouldnt have been. Its funny how soooo many people really do follow the initial website reviews as religion!! Annoys me.

Not amazing, I do the same thing for obvious reasons.
When you don't have the time, not to mention the money, to play every single game that are released, you need to pick some you do not try out.
And the easiest way to determine if a game is worth cheking out is asking someone.
Reading a review is just the same as asking a friend about his personal oppinion on a game.
Then of cause you could ask several people (reading several reviews), but again the time factor come in.
If a game doesn't have your interrest in the first place, you will most likely forget about it after having read its first bad review.

But I understand that unfair reviews are a problem.
I tried out the Steam demo of Silverfall, compleated the demo and thought it was a great game, and even considered buying it before the prize drops, not something I do often.
Since it was only a demo, I wanted to know how the full game was, so I cheked out the IGN review.
They gave it a 5 of 10, saying it was a weak Diablo-clone with no innovation.
Several users gave their reviews as well, giving it 8-10 of 10, and stating that "this was the day IGN failed."
I agree with them. The game have great atmosphere, an innovative clase-less skill system, morality based on nature/technology (not good/evil), and a great and innovative camera system. The reviewer did not recognize any of this, all he managed was getting frustrated at his own lack of skill controling the camera.

With the status IGN have amoung gamers, Silverfall might loose a fair share of buyers due to a single unfair review.


Convicted hypocrite

Read the Guidelines for the forum.

Narbacular drop was the tech-demo. Portal was the game.

May 28 2007, 2:26pm Anchor

many games only appeal to people who like that type of Game. Take the Star Trek game for DS. That is EXACTLY what I want: a "SFC" game on DS. But the general public most likely won't like it. That's ok.

Don't forget to look for reviews by people who like those kind of games. Morrowind, for example, I'd give a low score. I didn't find anything interesting about it. But Quake 4 I liked, i like that kind of game, even if it brings nothing new. It was still fun to play.


Go play some Quake 2:
It's like Source v0.9, only... better!
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May 28 2007, 2:35pm Anchor

I hated silverfall <_<

I dunno if Rogue Trooper is a big name for consoles, but I played the PC version, and it's awesome :D <- Used to play this some time ago... It was amazing!



May 28 2007, 4:52pm Anchor

Just ordered The Residents: Bad Day in the Midway off Amazon - can't wait till it arrives :D

Minigun_Fiend L337 G4M3R
May 28 2007, 6:19pm Anchor

Anyone ever play Soldner: Secret Wars?

Kinda like Operation Flashpoint (or Armed Assault, if you are into more modern games [all three of which are underdogs anyway :P]) but arguably more fun at the expensive of 'simulation'ness.

I love all three games, really - although ArmA shouldve been way better.


-=Be afraid, be VERY afraid=-

May 29 2007, 12:44am Anchor

i just started playing Penumbra today, and holy shiet its scary. I've only gotten to the part where you find the spider caves, and you hear the guy upstairs get killed and dragged away by something. So not very far, but getting so freaky. This game deserves alot more exposure than it got.



frosty-theaussie Sonny Jim
May 29 2007, 6:00am Anchor

Is Penumbra the game UberSoldat was working on?


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May 29 2007, 9:21am Anchor

Penumbra was scary until the first monster you actually saw :p



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