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ImTheDarkcyde ¯\(º_o)/¯
May 18 2005, 1:01am Anchor

whlie scrolling through moddbs game list, i came across the first on the list, titled Abuse

i looked at it for a bit, and decided since it is a free game, might as well check it out

perhaps the best side scrolling shooter i've ever played on pc
and its modable too! source code released in 97

you can download it at flankright

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Jun 4 2005, 1:29pm Anchor

What about Mount&Blade? It was just added to Moddb's game list but i have never heard of it before. Anyone here play it?

Jun 19 2005, 7:11pm Anchor

Ok, extremly weird game i have been playing. I saw it on the "weird games" section on G4. its a point and click but really creepy. its abandon ware so you can download it since the company doesnt exist anymore and it was made in 1995. its called "The Dark Eye". i'll post the link for the download if im allowed...

Jun 19 2005, 10:28pm Anchor

i think we are forgetting the underdogs website


i have not hijacked this account i made it myself im special not from

Jun 19 2005, 10:42pm Anchor i will not play this by myself EVER


i have not hijacked this account i made it myself im special not from

Jun 19 2005, 11:01pm Anchor

thats the site where i downloaded "The Dark Eye". incredible game. might even change your life :O

seriously its worth the long download:

i know "The Dark Eye" is legal to download, but is System Shock 2 legal? i think its still sold in stores. be careful of what you post...

ImTheDarkcyde ¯\(º_o)/¯
Jun 20 2005, 2:18am Anchor

i've not seen systemshock 2 in stores for years

'leftover in stock' and 'still in production' are 2 different things :D

its abandonware, no longer profitable

but im not sure on moddb's abandonware policy

frosty-theaussie Sonny Jim
Jun 20 2005, 2:41am Anchor

The Underdogs should be fine to link, seeing as how they abide by laws in the way of removing download links upon request of publishers. If I have a left over bottle of milk and no one's drinking it, and I let you drink from my bottle, and do not forbid you, then there's nothing wrong with sucking my milk.


User Posted Image

Jun 20 2005, 4:58am Anchor

What about 2 recent games called Uplink: Hacker Elite and Darwinia both released by introversion software ( these are both interesting games but didnt get any ads or anything i find them both enjoyable, download the demos its worth it.

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Jun 20 2005, 9:36am Anchor

But really everyone. You have to play "The Dark Eye" at least once in your life before you die.

What about Mount&Blade? It was just added to Moddb's game list but i have never heard of it before. Anyone here play it?

ImTheDarkcyde ¯\(º_o)/¯
Jun 20 2005, 3:38pm Anchor

uplink is a great game, you can still buy it in a 4 game pack with some utterly terrible crap in it

and darwinia is genious

Jun 20 2005, 8:17pm Anchor

where can uplink be bought in the 4 game pack and how much, because introversion charge around $60 australian for it and $45 for darwinia.

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Jun 20 2005, 8:20pm Anchor

Download it here:

ImTheDarkcyde ¯\(º_o)/¯
Jun 21 2005, 1:41am Anchor

chunky thats what kills indie game companies >_>

they still DO make CD's of uplink and they are still selling it on their site, that.. good sir.. is a mislabeled 'abandonware' and now more of an abandonWAREZ.

edit, reviewing the page linked to, it only links to orig. site. cause they know it's still for sale :D

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Jun 24 2005, 12:58pm This post has been deleted.
Sticky I'm pretty awesome.
Jun 24 2005, 12:59pm Anchor

After getting that cluster of text out of the way, I believe if a CD is no longer in production or no more copies are available, it is completely fine to download the abandonware.

Jun 24 2005, 1:01pm Anchor

and if the company doesnt exist anymore....

ImTheDarkcyde ¯\(º_o)/¯
Jun 24 2005, 1:06pm Anchor

with the exception of companies protected by the ESA.

Jul 22 2005, 12:42am Anchor

Gunz Online:

Risk your Life:


Star Trek Online:

Heroes of Might & Magic V:

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User Posted Image

Jul 22 2005, 12:47am Anchor

STALKER isn't an underdog. It's actually a very popular game that just hasn't been released yet. :S

I've seen the trailers, and when they ask the developers questions like, "Do you feel your game will live up to the hype?" You don't get that from being an underdog. :)

And by the way, RYL sucks. lol


"He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster."
- Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, Aphorism 146

Sticky I'm pretty awesome.
Jul 22 2005, 1:35am Anchor

MugNeBot i will not play this by myself EVER

Well, since he's gone, I can bash him, right?

I played with alone in the house a week or so ago, pussy.

Startling, but not scary. Frustrating as hell.

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Jul 22 2005, 11:22am Anchor

DGMurdockIII wrote:Gunz Online:

What the hell is that? I looked at the site and it looks kinda cool. Anyone know anything about it?

Sticky I'm pretty awesome.
Jul 22 2005, 1:09pm Anchor

It's a game that is impossible to play due to jammed servers. Then, when you want to quit, you have to hit ctrl+alt+del to get the computer to normal again.

Jul 22 2005, 1:37pm Anchor

sounds like fun

Jul 22 2005, 1:59pm Anchor

it works perfectly for me.....

and mount and blade is one of the best rpgs i know.... IT TAKES SKILL, AND THERES NO MAGIC STUFF.....

its kinda realistic..... and fun....

does anybody know how to get the rip version of this working?



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