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chis Old man.
Mar 12 2005, 11:32am Anchor

Karuto wrote:I suppose Wild 9 was a great game that not a lot of people played.

:D wild 9 was awesome !!



TheRambo Hello.
Mar 12 2005, 5:32pm Anchor

Devastation is not that well known either, even though its a good game. I just recently got it on a pcpowerplay dvd.


OMG it's teh Raaaaammmbooo!!!

Mar 12 2005, 7:57pm Anchor

Devastation? I think i remember seeing a FPS named that...i'll go check for a demo now...

Also, any games from "Fun Labs" are awsome!!!

update: looks awsome. im downloading it now...thank god for this thread. i wouldve never tried it :D

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HangPhyr Failed science project
Mar 12 2005, 9:08pm Anchor

Anything and everything by Spiderweb Software. They make the best CRPGs I've ever played. Their games don't sell too well because they're an idie developer, and the graphics and sound seems like it belongs in 1993. All games are for both Windows and Mac, and have huge demos.

Dominions 2, massive fantasy wargame. Again, nobody knows about it because its from a small indie developer. Over 1000 units, over 400 spells, 17 unique nations. Awesome game if you like wargames. Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris, fair-sized demo (miniscule compared to full version).


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ImTheDarkcyde ¯\(º_o)/¯
Mar 13 2005, 2:55am Anchor

galactic civilizations, best 4x strat EVER.

but devestation.. thats the one with Eminem and J-Lo in the ads

User Posted Image

the ai is dumb as piss, the graphics are good for a budget title, but as i just said, its a budget title, and plays like one

Mar 19 2005, 4:12pm Anchor

It wasnt that good; the demo

Apr 9 2005, 4:51pm Anchor

Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theater

TwinBeast Full Metal Bionic Wizard
Apr 14 2005, 9:40am Anchor

Hi-Octane! It's a racing game with guns! You're controlling some fast moving flyer "car". Race around some various tracks and shoot with some miniguns and stuff. Very cool game! It's old, so it might have some problems with windows.



leilei The person who doesn't like anything
Apr 14 2005, 9:47am Anchor

The~David~Cult wrote:Deadly Dozen

Ewww, that doesn't even have 3d accelleration


<  insert subject games here  >

Krycha ♥♥♥
Apr 15 2005, 7:10am Anchor

Strife. I love it but it never got popular. :(


Mod DB 1337 Polsky Man™ /// still here, lurking!
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Wilhelm_III Who the hell do I think I am?
Apr 15 2005, 12:18pm Anchor

The old Axis&Allies, (PC) not the RTS.

Apr 17 2005, 7:13am Anchor

Oh yeah, the old Axis and Allies that was good but XP and it didnt get along very well.


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mr.spammer More Than A Woman
Apr 17 2005, 7:21am Anchor

get Stick Soldiers II, it is the coolest and most addictive game ever.

Then get the total conversion Counter-Stick, based on Counter-Strike.

Great stuff :D

San-J ascetic aesthetic
Apr 19 2005, 1:15am Anchor

I just played that for 2 hours straight.


frosty-theaussie Sonny Jim
Apr 19 2005, 2:06am Anchor

I thought Tresspasser was pretty good.


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Wilhelm_III Who the hell do I think I am?
Apr 19 2005, 9:54pm Anchor

Brad_Mclain wrote:Oh yeah, the old Axis and Allies that was good but XP and it didnt get along very well.

There's some plugin you can get to make it work with XP (along with alot of other programs) I can't remember what it was though.

ImTheDarkcyde ¯\(º_o)/¯
Apr 19 2005, 10:44pm Anchor
Apr 28 2005, 1:05pm Anchor

I want to try "Chrome". Anyone ever play it? I'm gonna go look for the demo.....

Also, what ever happened to "Breed" it looked like it was going to be amazing but the hype died down and there wasn't much talk about it after it got released. I'm going to try the demo now as soon as i get the chance.

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Krycha ♥♥♥
Apr 28 2005, 2:14pm Anchor

Yay Chrome = Polish game

I liked it, but played it only for 5 minutes or something. Nice open areas :thumbup:


Mod DB 1337 Polsky Man™ /// still here, lurking!
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Apr 28 2005, 3:55pm Anchor

i'll try a demo sometime. i'm much more curious about "Breed".

update: i looked at the "Breed" profile here at Moddb and saw why people didn't like it. nevermind about that. i'll just try the "Chrome" demo when I get the chance.

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a_llama Teh moddb llama
May 8 2005, 4:43pm Anchor

Chrome sucked too :P

May 8 2005, 4:56pm Anchor


May 8 2005, 5:25pm Anchor

yeah breed and chrome were too buggy and played badly.


teamgames are for those who want to blame their losses on others. Play deathmatch you wuss.

ImTheDarkcyde ¯\(º_o)/¯
May 9 2005, 1:59am Anchor


breed and chrome suck.

i suggest everyone find a copy of Gore
yes, i said it, Gore.

now.. the single player is about as good as ippos punchlines..

but multiplayer, omg, its amazing. worth checking out

May 9 2005, 3:26pm Anchor

lol. why's the multiplayer so good?

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