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Aug 22 2013 Anchor

Hi guys!
I'm new here and I don't really have any experience with developing video games but I thought that it's a good place to start my journey. So let's begin!
I know that developing games is very difficult thing, I even don't know how to start and what to say. I got a concept (like says the title) and I'm searching for group of people. Some of them have to be talented but other can be greenhorns like me. Can you guys tell me how to begin.
I've got an idea of creating a FPS aimed to compepetive players, kinda CoD4 promod-ish. But i don't want to copy anything. And now can you (experienced devs) tell me whether to start from the very begining with choosing engine (i don't think i can handle it, I'd whole army of buddys :D ) or create mod =, which I think is better way to start.
So please answer my question I'm really curious about the whole process of creating and I also need a lot of help and information.

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ambershee Nimbusfish Rawks
Aug 22 2013 Anchor

Unity or UDK are both free, safe bets for a first person shooter. Your first step is to pick one and get used to the tools.

Aug 26 2013 Anchor

ambershee wrote: Unity or UDK are both free, safe bets for a first person shooter. Your first step is to pick one and get used to the tools.

For an FPS I would choose UDK over Unity any day. When you make changes to UDK you are basically making a mod of unreal tourney so you already have a ton of FPS functionality and you just need to make changes to the code which isn't too bad if you follow some tutorials. Which is what you definitely should do. Get yourself accustomed to how either engine works and make some prototypes first before worrying about your grand idea.

Aug 27 2013 Anchor

I agree with pants. I would absolutely go with UDK if you want to make a shooter game or something similar. At the same time, I think Unity is probably the easiest engine to get into from my own experience. Personally (because I'm old and oldschool) my reference to the ultimate competitive shooter would be quake 3. Really miss the good old days with fast paced shooters that were all about map control. Also, why does every shooter have to be so realistic nowadays? It feels like most companies just clone the same games now.

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