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Jul 8 2014 Anchor

I tend to find it offensive to say the least the day after barely 3 hours after uploading a tutorial of decent depth and accuracy with video and sound to see it is archived almost immediate on submitting. this has occurred on a different time as well but I could understand that as I wasn't clear enough in its header/ photo field and it wasn't video follow along style.I will no longer be returning here feel free to delete my profile.

Jul 8 2014 Anchor

First, most tutorials have a very low priority here, sometimes even as low as "let's play" and review/interview "news". So second you should never expect your tutorials to be frontpaged unless they are extremely well-formatted and free of spelling/etc problems and errors and your tutorials seem to be not at all.

Low priority updates (reviews, interviews, bragging about being in top100 etc) can be rarely featured in some special case.

You are and always were free to go and come, nobody is outright forcing anyone to visit the site.

Jul 9 2014 Anchor

To be fair your probably right , that said its a slap in my face and for that I have left ... please note all my content is now removed.Thankyou for your time here at moddb and please save your bandwidth and remove my account or you can leave it here I really don't care.


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Jul 9 2014 Anchor

Perhaps we should have an indication tutorials are not for the front page.

I feel you pain splat, i spent hours setting up tutorials for UE4 all archived.
If they were all authed and hit the front page, there would have been no room for the news, so they do take a lower priority.

That's not to say they shouldn't, perhaps adding a side widget showcasing some of the latest tutorials would be better.

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