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Jul 18 2013, 4:23pm Anchor

Hello all this for now is the official forum for the renewal of The Westeros Project ,please post all your ideas and such here :) ,also if you are interested in reviving this mod post as well.

Jul 18 2013, 4:52pm Anchor

But can't you just walk to the southern regions in order to test if it really is as big of a problem as others say? However if this bug cannot be fixed perhaps we could do what Star Citizen did and have regions load up automatically when you get near. As for the first region we should make I think it should be north of the wall as that would generate publicity and excitement that is needed for such a project to be completed. Hopefully we don't receive a C&D, and even if we do a region like north of the wall would be useful in gaining much needed support from the fan of the Game of Thrones series as well as general Skyrim modders. Also it seems that making the region north of the wall would be simplest due to how most of the stuff there is just snow, ice, caves, trees, huts, etc. No castle that would take a lot more work to develop.

I'm obviously very interested in reviving this project!

Edit: You should make a moddb page or use the already existing Westeros Project page.

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Jul 18 2013, 5:13pm Anchor

Good news if the bug ever did exist I could not find it i ran all over the map like the speed of light or like flash from dc universe madly shooting arrows and throwing magic everywhere , i checked all the regions :) and no bug except for a little flickering in the map every now and then.

also I do agree that we should do the north first ,also we should do something like the alternate start mod where you can start out from different places ,one of the ideas i had would be where you could be born into one of the northern mountain clans that are loyal to the starks such as clan wull .

here is a link that tells more about the mountain clans of the north

Jul 18 2013, 5:55pm Anchor

In the first version we could have the playable options of a lost ranger of the nights watch start off in some cave. assuming we don't have anything south of the wall done and we need to mask that by not making it playable:) but if castle black is done then the player could start there. alternatively players should always be able to start as a wildling. after all several wildlings become quite notable in the events of Westeros. I'm still considering whether white walkers should be playable... maybe a player should have the option of becoming one if they die north of the wall. (a small feature that most people wouldn't know about)

Lastly I hope nothing breaks if we add buildings and other npcs :)

Jul 18 2013, 6:22pm Anchor

good idea ^ :) also i have the mod site up for approval ,the new name is .........Winter is Coming-A mod of Ice and Fire :)

Jul 18 2013, 6:43pm Anchor

For whatever reason I always read "ice and fire" "fire and ice" before realizing it should be "ice and fire" could be thanks to "With Fire and Sword" it's a book that has a movie and game based on it. I never actually read "With Fire and Sword" but I did watch the movie and buy Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword. (never played it yet though) Anyways hopefully "Winter is Coming" will have better combat than vanilla skyrim did. Not that Skyrim's combat is really bad but it doesn't have a lot of weapon variety and I hope WiC will have spears which means Skyrim's combat won't cut it. Now MERP was planning on making their own version of combat called MERP and Blade. (clearly not based on Mount and Blade at all:P)

As for the Mod page, don't you need some sort of pictures for it to be approved?

Also to accelerate development you might want to consider doing what MERP did and have a public claims section where you can have non team members doing what the team doesn't want to do or simply can't do because of how long it would take. Additionally how many people do you currently have on the team? I would surely join and it looks like your the team leader right now:D (not sure if you wanted that position; I surely wouldn't due to not always having time to put into a mod)

Jul 18 2013, 6:52pm Anchor

well right now there are pretty much 3 people so far but that's because i wanted to get organized before i started recruiting people .With permission from a few users on skyrim nexus or from making it myself i had a idea about how to add spears , also as far as team leader wise i don't know right now i'm just trying to bring together everyone interested in renewing the project

Jul 18 2013, 7:15pm Anchor

You're doing a great job bringing back a Game of Thrones mod! I wasn't a Game of Thrones fan until very recently. What finally got me to watch them was how highly people spoke of them. I think it was MXR (maker of the skyrim mods weekly that finally got me to watch the Game of Thrones TV series. Now I'm an insane fan of that series:D

Jul 18 2013, 7:45pm Anchor

lol to be honest I wasn't a fan until a few months ago ,i kept hearing about this show called game of thrones and everything so one night i decided to watch it and i was hooked :) also my brother read some of the books and that got me interested as well

Jul 18 2013, 8:17pm Anchor

I didn't read the books in fact it's been quite a while since I read a book because I actually wanted to read something. That being said I would like to read all The Witcher books, all the Game of Thrones books and most of the Lord of the Rings books. I already read the Hobbit ruining the movie for myself as after reading the book the movie sort of sucks. I wonder how much longer until Winter is Coming gets authorized...

Jul 18 2013, 8:28pm Anchor

I think we gotta wait 3 days lol :(

Also since i'm not best lore wise I think it would be wise to have some people on the mod team that have read the books .

Jul 18 2013, 8:54pm Anchor

Yeah it would. I don't have a clue about the lore other than what I saw in the movies. There are always game of thrones wikis:) but it would be better to have someone that knows the lore much better than us. Also when can we begin to make stuff and to what level of quality should we make stuff? I think we should strive to get to MERP's level of detail:D maybe we could even get some help from some of the people that worked on MERP. All I did was work on one public claims prop before the C&D. I was at least half done, and I still don't exactly know how to make textures look good, or how to add fire:D

Edit: Nuvendil kindly linked me to the pages where the bug is discussed. You might chose to look at some of what they are saying. I read a bit of the posts there and it would appear it's quite different from what I though it was. It mostly affects picking up plants. Still I would rather it didn't exist.

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Jul 19 2013, 5:58am Anchor

How long do you think this project will need to see the light of the sun? :D
This project is ambitious as I many times said, but if it will work it will be probably the biggest mod ever created!
I was wondering about the "beginning" of the story.. Actually both of you propose that one of the possible start could be in the far north, and this is good, so we could have another start in the deep south for example, like a man who born in the sands of Dorne or one person that wants to become a master in OldTown or we could start for example like a son\daughter of a farmer in the riverlands.. and then everybody could do whatever prefers, (join a family, become a lonely knight).. etc.
I don't know how much do you know about GoT, but there are actually 7 great Families (Stark, Tully, Arryn, Baratheon, Lannister, Tyrell, Martell) plus the territories of the Crown, (where Joffrey rules), and the Greyjoy that rules on the iron islands. I don't know, you could even think to give the possibility for the player to start in one of these families like pageboy of a minor families to the service of the great family.. XD sorry for all these confused ideas, but as you asked i'm giving too my ideas to you :P!

Jul 19 2013, 9:40am Anchor

Ok while i'm looking into the height map issue do you guys want me to release the files that are already made?

Ok I have come to the conclusion that in order to make Westeros we will need to split the map up , but by doing this in the future it could also allow us to maybe make essos.

I do believe I have found a way for skyrim and westeros to coexist without one replacing the other

Jul 19 2013, 11:39am Anchor

What can you release already? the "clean" map?

This way that you means is to make many times portions of map large as Skyrim (7-8-9 times), to create the whole Westeros? :)

Jul 19 2013, 12:49pm Anchor

Wait there could make some unintended issues if players could switch from Skyrim to Westeros. I think magic should be scraped almost entirely in Westeros. not fully since there are magicians and sorceress that clearly have powers. Luxolo you probably know more about how much magic exists in Game of Thrones.

If we split up the world we should at least make it so it auto loads in when the player gets near to the next piece. Therefore it would appear as a seamless experience for the player. However I have no idea how to make such a thing work and if it is even possible in Skyrim.

It would be neat if players could actually sail ships to Essos instead of having an immersion breaking loading screen. Ideally I wish we could have regions auto load in.

I think the plan for choosing your player right now is where you pick the region, position, some background story, "race", gender, etc. That way a player could technically start as a Wildling or Dothraki in service to the Lannisters with an interesting background story that we will have to come up with for each possible starting type. Right now I'm not to concerned about that since we sort of need to make the entire Westeros first...

Jul 19 2013, 1:01pm Anchor

Well right now I have the orginal map that the previous owner had but I have an idea ,I'm going to try and remake the map so it will be easier to split up also it should not be to hard .right now i'm working on the height map

Jul 19 2013, 2:19pm Anchor

Anything I could work on? It would be nice if production could begin :)

Jul 19 2013, 5:43pm Anchor

well right now i've been working on a new height map so we can begin beyond and on the wall but i'm having alot of trouble with it ,if we can find someone who is good at making or modifying height maps that would be epic :)

Hey guys I have a quick assignment for you I need to know how big westeros is in pixels for example I think skyrim is about 3808 x 3008 pixels

Jul 19 2013, 6:44pm Anchor

How exactly does one calculate how many pixels a heightmap is?

Jul 19 2013, 8:51pm Anchor

lol never mind about finding it the original owner had a height map that I'm using for reference

Jul 20 2013, 8:40am Anchor

Are there any files that can be released that maybe we could test for bugs and stuff, i'm extremely interested in the revival of this mod!! :D

Jul 20 2013, 10:22am Anchor

Well I do have the orginal mod files but the problem is that there was a horrible map bug and now I have to split westeros up (aka make borders with border crossings) and make a new heightmap ,and the problem with that is that i'm new to making heightmaps so its taking a little longer.Once I am able to finish the heightmap and get the wall and north of the wall started then the real modding begins :)

Since its Saturday I'm going to take a small break on working the annoying heightmap and lod for a few a hours I'll get back too it soon though.

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