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May 3 2013 Anchor

The Night Crisis Project FPS (road to beta) is Altered Planet's next move towards giving you the best FPS indie experience you've ever had. Two days a week, a dev update on whats going on with Night Crisis (beta)
will be released.and will include things like a inventory system, weapon purchase system, player upgrade system.All content in released beta will be on the full version.
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Confirmed Beta Features (Night Crisis)As the beta is nearing release, the dev log series (Road to Beta) will keep you updated on progress of the game.The beta is confirmed for pc, the webrowser version will be released at later date as a lite version.Upcoming and Confirmed beta features:Polished gameplayInventory systemPlayer upgrade systemNew weapon buy systemUPDATES RELEASED IN DEV LOG 1.1finalized Environment audio systemsBug fixesNew weapons ( saiga, ump45, ScarH)


2. install and enjoy

3. email or pm if you have any questions!

The Night Crisis Project FPS (road to beta)

The Night Crisis Project FPS (road to beta)

New weapons, more epic maps, these are just a few examples of new content that you will be able to experience in the upcoming beta and final release.
Watch the trailer!!!!!

Everyone loves to be in a beta right? Well be sure stay update on the progress of the NIGHT CRISIS PROJECT in the form of videos and images. The great thing is that by signing up, you are already to experience the beta.You will receive a email the beta released. Stay updated through the Youtube , Facebook, twitter.More information as these networks come online.

After the Night Crisis release, the Night Crisis INFINITY will be released, and will include new mechanics, game updates, gameplay updates and new maps over a period of six months.Some of these features multiplayer, parkuor, better level design, new zombie characters, more player characters, DX 11, better lighting,Bug Fixes, Different game modes, small scale destructible eviroments, Vehicles, large medium and small maps, major graphic updates.

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May 5 2013 Anchor

It certainly looks interesting......


"sweet"  little old lady

May 5 2013 Anchor

thanks, may I ask whats your favorite game genre?

grouchbag I art grouchier than thou.
May 16 2013 Anchor

Yes you may .I like FPS games above all else.And I also apologize for taking so long to answer.Had my grandkids visiting for a while.Please keep me posted on this if you can.You can probably leave a message in my profile comment box if you want.Thanks for your reply! 8)


"sweet"  little old lady

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