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Dec 5 2012 Anchor

Edit: removed my pointless nerd-rage post.
Would be nice if i could edit the title too

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Dec 6 2012 Anchor

I'm going to just ignore the fact that your complaint reads like a ten year old on Xbox Live trying to construct an insult out of what little life experience he has, and get straight to the suggestion for improvement:

You should state the exact problem you are facing. Constructive criticism will not only help Desura improve, but it will also make you look like less of a needlessly crude, impulsive individual. You are entitled to your opinion and your emotions (and they were quite entertaining to read) but consider adding a screenshot or detailing a specific issue, especially since you felt the desire to come complain here on these forums. At least then you'd be making a specific, detailed point, which would be more of an insult to the Desura creators than telling them to commit suicide, I would think.

Henley the sun never sets on the eternally cool
Dec 6 2012 Anchor

Well we try as hard as we can to make the site work for everyone but sometimes that is just not possible. The application was built by one man and the site staff is just two. But lucky for you we know that the application is not for everyone so you can also download the game files without the need for the app if that is how you like to roll.

Just either find the button on the game profile or add /download to any game URL you want to access the standalone files.

Oh and we appreciate you being so courteous about it.


Ambient_Malice More passion than good sense.
Dec 6 2012 Anchor

At no point has this dude actually explained what supposedly makes Desura shit. He'd make a great politician. Sorta.

"What's wrong with it?"
"It's categorically shit."
"Kill yourself."

SinKing bumps me thread
Dec 6 2012 Anchor

I hate Google Chrome! It broke off all my large downloads. Google should kill themselves, Desura is much better ;)


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Dec 6 2012 Anchor

Lol, mad neckbeard

Dec 6 2012 Anchor

So is he saying that Desura does NOT support indie games, because thats all I see on it. Telling people they should kill themselves just means your ignorant. I apologize that you feel so angry that you had to yell this at your other 10 year old friends so they could type it so you didn't even have to see the page. The only reason I say this is because its the only possible senario where someone would allow this type of spunk garbage to come from their computer.

You don't make any complaints other than 'Desura is bad.' Sure it's no steam but for now 95% of the community is better than that of steams. So you sir, can crawl back into your little hole and leave the air breathers to do all the hard thinking.

Dec 6 2012 Anchor

1. I apologize for the rage outburst.

2. MrFidelmios, a very mature post, that aside from bumping a hate post, is peppered with quite a few insults and a lot of constructive advice, im sure writing such a post required a lot of "hard thinking". I was angry after 2hrs of wrestling with a confusing and crashing Desura when i wrote my post, whats your excuse?

3. I will try to describe my bad experience with the Desura client in another post, would be nice if this useless rage thread got closed before other hard thinkers bump it up.

Edited by: kaboro

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