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Feb 5 2013 Anchor

Hello,I am looking for a few people to join our game development, here's a small overview of the story:

A rookie detective who grew up in the riches of his family, strove to be like his farther. A detective who had been reported M.I.A while studying a case, the rookie passed the exams with flying colors and was the top graduate of the police academy. He was partnered to a senior detective whom claimed that paper is allot different to the real world. He gives you a case, a long dead case which other detectives had claimed "inconclusive". As he ventures though the case (the game), he slowly start to uncover the mystery.

He found his way to an abounded town, high up in the hills. From afar it looked like an impenetrable fortress, the walls scaling high up with the mountain.The buildings masked behind it and what looked like a castle, the center piece of the portrait, after exploring for hours. He finds a morgue, slowly looking at the bodies. He finds a body which cause his hart to skip a beat, his farther's empty eyes stared at the wooden ceiling. With a new found hope and a thirst for vengeance, he destroys the town and though his rage he uncovers a safe. Inside he found files, linking to people from inside the council.Hurrying to the council back in the city, fearing for the life's of those listed. He soon finds out that they are the ones who were behind it.

The corruption had found it's way though the ranks of the very society he had grew to love and believed that it could keep him safe.

We are looking for:

  • UI Artist
  • Concept Artist
  • C#/C++ Programmer
  • Story Writer
  • 3D Modeler (Environmental &/or Organic)

If your interested in our game and want to help out, you can PM me or add me on Skype: Sean..Hall (We use Skype for communication between the people in the team)

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