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Starseige Tribes Mod Idea, would totally dig input and help. (Forums : Ideas & Concepts : Starseige Tribes Mod Idea, would totally dig input and help.) Locked
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penguinfantasimo FsF for LIFE
Sep 16 2013, 2:08am Anchor


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Sep 16 2013, 2:58am Anchor

You should continue to flesh out the idea as you're not even done planning everything that seriously affects the amount of work.

It doesn't sound a feasible mod project like that, it's way too big. The problem with that genre is it needs complex multiplayer client code, but even more complex server code plus a powerful server(s!) and a huge player base (compared to max 32 player games). Until you find solutions for these problems I don't think you should refine your idea much further.

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